Hey Mr. Postman!

January 24, 2009

Our mail carrier is a lazy idiot.  I’m not kidding, he really is.  Our old postman used to come every day sometime between 1-1:30 p.m., like clockwork.  If you were expecting something important, you knew you would have it by no later than 1:30.  The postman we have now?  Yeah, not so much.  Sometimes we get our mail at 3:30, but most of the time it comes sometime between 4-6, and other times we don’t get any at all (no, I’m not talking about federal holidays – some days we just won’t get anything, which is virtually impossible – I just think he’s lazy and takes “houses” off sometimes).  And the thing that really irks Jeff (I don’t really care that much because Jeff is the one who normally gets the mail) is that the postman doesn’t put the little red flag down when he takes our mail.  Drives Jeff absolutely crazy (he usually mumbles “lazy ass” under his breath as he slams the flag down when he closes up our mailbox, LOL).

Anyway, the point of all of this is that I was expecting a package yesterday, and while I did get one (surprise) package yesterday (from Fed Ex), I knew something else should have been coming via the good old USPS.  My old college roomie, Cara, sent me a care package, and we were both sooo excited for it to get here…and nothing.  Or so I thought…

Apparently it was delivered with the mail sometime yesterday late afternoon, but I didn’t see it when I went out to get the mail because my big old belly was in the way.  The jackass mailman didn’t set the box on the front step like he should have – for some reason, he set it to the right of our front step (where the ugly juniper bushes used to be, and where my line of vision doesn’t allow me to see right now).  :::rolling eyes:::  At least I have it now.


How someone with four young boys (including twin toddlers) has the time to not only go shopping for items to put in a care package, but then go to the post office and mail it is beyond my comprehension.  And Cara really didn’t need to do this – she has already been generous enough to give us their Double Snap n Go base (the stroller base that our car seats snap into, pictures to come later when our basement isn’t such a mess) and a bouncy seat they no longer use for Asher and Aiden.  How can I complain when the package has all of the necessary items to help pass the time I spend either on the couch or in bed?!?!?  Snoopy Valentines, Pez (on a creepy dispenser I might add), cookies, candies, slap jack cards for Jeff and I, and a few supplies for when the boys get here (hand sanitizer, Johnson & Johnson mini products, and a mom book), and when they get a little older (two adorable t-shirts).  Too cute!  Thank you so much, Cara!!! 


And tonight’s dinner was brought to us by my cycle buddy, Lanie, who not only made us sausage lasagna, but she also made one for her husband, Shane (at his request…or pleading), and one for their freezer.  She also brought over garlic bread, and we already have red wine, so we are good to go!  Jeff’s best friend, Josh, and his girlfriend, Peyton, came over to enjoy this delicious meal with us tonight, and boy was it good!  Thank you so much, Lanie!!!  It was so good to sit (or lay) down and talk to you for so long!  Hope you had a fantastic time at your girl’s night out!  And thanks so much to Josh and Peyton for coming over – it had been waaaay too long (Josh), and I’m glad we got to hang out with you guys tonight!




2 Responses to “Hey Mr. Postman!”

  1. Lanie said

    I really enjoyed getting to hang with you yesterday. : )

    And, I’m glad you liked the lasagna. We can’t wait to eat our own.

  2. Stacy said

    Postmen – ugh! Ours at work scares me…seriously! I wish I could get a picture of him to show you. It would crack you up!

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