A day of R&R (kind of)

January 23, 2009

Today was nice.  I didn’t have any visitors, and although it did get a little lonely at times, it was nice to have the house to myself (and Rex).  I was freaking out for a little bit because I started having contractions, and drinking water and emptying my bladder wasn’t working to make them go away.  I was just getting ready to go lay down in bed (on my left side), when the doorbell rang.  It was Fed Ex, and the box looked like this –



OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!  I freakin’ LOVE bliss!!!!  The nap could wait, I just had to tear into this package to see who it was from.  Thank you to my good friend, Angelika, for this box o’ goodies!




It was filled with tummy oil for my stretch marks (good call, buddy!), sock salve, and softening socks (which I was thisclose to buying last time I was in Sephora).  I cannot wait to have super soft feet!!!


After all of that excitement, I called our perinatologist’s office to (a) let them know about the contractions, and (b) ask if I could take a bath.  I know it seems silly, but I didn’t know if I could take a bath after the cervical surgery.  The nurse said that 1 or 2 baths a week would be just fine, and that they should actually help calm my uterus down – that just made my day!  I threw a bath bomb in the tub (thanks to my friend, Beth, who brought me the most amazing care package after we found out we were having twins), and got into the tub to take the best bath ever.

The contractions are still happening, although not as often, so I am keeping a close eye on them tonight.  Maybe I just need a few sips of red wine…



5 Responses to “A day of R&R (kind of)”

  1. Lanie said

    I vote “yes” on the red wine. Bath. Candles. Red wine. Who wouldn’t relax (including your uterus)?

  2. Noell said

    Besides the contractions seems like you had a pretty good day! Now go get a glass of red wine!

  3. I am so glad you can take a bath! There is nothing in the world that makes me feel better. And I say YES on the wine too! Enjoy!

  4. Brenda said

    I hope you’re doing better today and that the bath and wine made the contractions go away. Those boys have a few more weeks of growing to do! 🙂

  5. Alexis said

    LOVE Bliss! Nice work on the care package! I hope you’re feeling better. I get a ton of BH contractions..sometimes 5 an hour. It always makes me worry. Hope the bath helped!

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