Okay, one more picture…

January 19, 2009

…I mean two more pictures.  I always like to post pictures of gifts I get from friends, whether it be a flowers, food, etc, and I just realized (going through my camera) that I completely forgot to post a couple of pictures during the whole clusterf&%k (that was for you, Dad) of a week that I had two weeks ago. 

My good friend, Miriam (thanks, Mirmo!), baked me homemade vanilla (my favorite flavor)cupcakes to commemerate me reaching the 6th month mark.  The next day was when I was admitted into the hospital, so I forgot to post the pic of the delicious cupcakes she made especially for me…


And finally, the beautiful flowers that my cycle buddy, Lanie, brought for me the day after my surgery.  They lasted FOREVER, and totally made my day (and the days following when I looked at them), so thanks buddy!!!


Okay, that should be it for now…good night!



2 Responses to “Okay, one more picture…”

  1. Alexis said

    Cupcakes over cake any day of the week! You have great friends! You’re posts are making me hungry.

  2. Lanie said

    Pretty cupcakes. They look mighty tasty! And I’m so glad you liked your flowers. : )

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