A few nursery pics

January 17, 2009


I can’t believe that I get to post pictures for our nursery.  Our little boys’ room.  Seriously…there were so many moments so many months ago where I thought I would never get to do this, so it’s a little overwhelming.  So many times in the last few days where Jeff and I have stood (yes, I occasionally take standing breaks, don’t yell at me – I get two hours a day!) in our boys’ room, holding each other, reflecting on just how damn lucky we are.  This morning was one of those moments, because this is what I was looking at (the room is pretty small, so you can’t really see it all together in photos)…







What does everyone think?



21 Responses to “A few nursery pics”

  1. jill said

    what a precious room for precious baby boys! kerry – i found your blog last week and have spent hours getting caught up with your story! i keep coming back throughout the day to check on you and the boys and say prayers for you each night as i’m putting sophie to bed. can’t wait until they’re on the outside for you to love on!!! glad you’re at home and (hopefully!) getting some rest.


  2. Katie said

    look at Sexy Rexy being a good big brother! I love the room – it is perfect!

  3. Sara said

    Adorable!!! It is so cute!! You and Jeff did a great job on paint color and everything else! Rex is adorable sitting on the changing table!!!

  4. ischwab said

    It is so freaking cute I can hardly stand it!!!

  5. Angelika said

    That is SO awesome! And I love Rex-a-doodle on the changing table!

  6. Chrissy said

    It is adorable! I love it!

  7. militarywifealways said

    Its adorable, is Rex making sure the changing table is comfy for his little brothers :0)

  8. Lanie said

    Oh, Kerry! It’s SO beautiful!!! I’m amazed at how great it looks – and I’m SO loving Rex sitting on the changing table. I love, love, love the feeling of looking at a room that you always planned to be the nursery, and finally SEEING it fulfill its purpose!

  9. Kiane said

    It’s so cute! You and Jeff did a great job and I’m so happy for the two of you 🙂

  10. Alexis said

    LOVE the bedding!…so cute and cozy! I love Rex warming up the changing table too. It’s an adorable room…the wall decor is perfect too.

  11. lilcyndiluwho said

    You know, now that Rexy has been on the changing table he’ll think it’s his and rip the babies to shreds as so as he sees them there. I learned this from the BOTB board when I let Rocco try out Niko’s swing once. No need to thank me for the advice.

    It’s BEAUTIFUL!! I love it. In fact I’m getting all teary now. I’m so excited for you guys.

    I just left you an award in my latest post.

  12. deepbrainsurgery said

    I think that stuffed dog you got for the changing table is adorable!

    Seriously, I love it. So cute. Love the colors, and I’m excited for you getting to post these pics!

  13. Molly said

    oh kerry – its completely amazing!!!

  14. jkmastera said

    Thanks you guys!!! Yeah, Jeff thought that Rex needed to “model” the changing table. Rex has also been in the Zooper and the Pack N Play today…pics to come later!

    And Cyn, thanks for the advice, I owe you!!! =)


  15. liz said

    it looks amazing. that picture of rex on the changing table just kills me. he is so cute. next time i come over i may dog-nap him…watch out.

  16. It looks sooo good! Perfect for two sweet little boys! And I think it is great that Rex wants his diaper changed!

  17. krazykids said

    I love it. It’s beautiful!

  18. Brenda said

    OMG, I love it! What a great home for your little boys. I got a little teary eyed seeing the pictures. 🙂 And I love the one with Rex! He will be such a good big brother.

  19. Noell said

    The room looks awesome!! Good job on putting it together Jeff!

  20. Beth M said

    Aww, damn, I just got all teary eyed! Everything looks so fantastic and it just brings me so much joy to see this!! I love you guys!

  21. Tiffany said

    It looks so cute you two!!! Especially with the new carpet! Hope you are hanging in there!

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