All because of a girl named Ivory

January 15, 2009

Tonight, Liz and Avery stopped by the house for a short visit, and this –


All because of a girl named Ivory.  Ivory is one of my online buddies.  I actually met her IRL for the first time while she was on bed rest in the hospital last February (when she was pregnant with her daughter, Emma).  Kind of weird, I know, but I was bringing cupcakes, so I didn’t think she could turn me down when I offered to come by.  =)  Back then, I had no idea what it was like to be pregnant, let alone be pregnant and scared that something bad could happen to either my baby (or babies) or me.  Ivory knows how that feels all too well.  She was on and off  bed rest for three months, and then had the added worry/stress of having her daughter 11 weeks early.  She’s my bed rest hero, and she’s been sooooo great with helping me deal with my feelings regarding bed rest, being scared about having my babies early, etc. 

Anyway, after I was admitted to the hospital, she emailed me to ask if she could organize a meal delivery schedule to help Jeff and I out (mainly Jeff, since I don’t cook) when I got released and was at home on bed rest.    I have a really, really hard time accepting help from others, but then I read what Ivory wrote about bed rest – “It’s okay to ask for help or turn it down.  I know that depending on other people is really hard, but it will make your life SO much easier,” and I immediately agreed.  Starting tonight, she has people lined up to bring Jeff and I (and my Mom while she’s here) dinner three nights a week.  How cool is that?

So tonight, another online buddy, Liz, and her beautiful daughter, Avery, came over to bring me a homemade BBQ chicken pizza (with honey wheat crust….mmmmmm) and green beans with almonds.  They were a HIT!  Each night one of my friends brings over dinner, I am going to post a picture of what they bring over so you all can see how fantastic our friends are.  Thank you again for being so thoughtful, Ivory.  And thanks to Liz for the delicious pizza and green beans!



6 Responses to “All because of a girl named Ivory”

  1. ischwab said

    You’re welcome buddy 🙂 You know that I’ll do anything to help you guys! Dinner looks great!

  2. taratru said

    hmmm…well, there is no WAY for me to bring you dinner that wouldn’t result in you yelling at me for driving down there, so how about I just *pretend* I’m bringing you drinks, instead? 🙂

  3. liz said

    i’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Alexis said

    That looks soooo good. Here I was thinking of making a roast tonight, but a pizza sounds better! lol. It’s great to have the support of your friends Kerry and how awesome to have dinner taken care of and off your mind. I would bring you dinner too, but being that I’m in MN and it’s -25 below everything would be frozen by the time I get it to you. 😉

  5. Cara said

    I would also bring you dinner…however beside the fact that I am in NE, the likelihood that I could prepare an entire meal and actually leave the house without one of my 4 boys or husband eating it is nearly impossible! I am so glad you have such kind, caring friends. It surely will make things easier! Oh and don’t feel bad about not wanting help, just ask my mom or friends I always said “No” until the twins came!

  6. Cathy said

    Crap, does that mean my food has to be PRETTY? Well, I hope it will at least taste good!

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