Well, it was inevitable.

January 14, 2009

The “bruise” that my sister pointed out to me last week (it’s a few inches below my belly button, where I can no longer see) is indeed my first stretch mark.  It’s about an inch long, kind of pinkish-purpley, and super cute.  Not really, but I feel like if I start embracing the stretch marks, I won’t freak out when I have a belly full of them!

I find it ironic that I’m talking about stretch marks on my belly while eating some Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun ice cream.



7 Responses to “Well, it was inevitable.”

  1. krazykids said

    Um, yeah. Pregnant with twins? That’ll definitely bring on the stretch marks.

  2. Lanie said

    Cinnamon Bun B&Js??? Now I’m contemplating driving to the store in my pjs at midnight to get some . . .

    Oh, yes, back to you. Sorry about the stretch marks. Mine showed up this week too.

    Now we can cry in our ice cream together. : )

  3. tara said

    Is this like when I whine about gaining weight while drinking wine?

    The stretch marks will fade. I promise.

  4. Beth M said

    Blame your mother. No, seriously. It’s all about genetics.

  5. kristy said

    Sorry, bud! It really was an innocent comment – but now I guess we are even for you pointing out the “sun spot” (sounds better that age spot) on my face! Ha!

  6. Steph said

    Welcome to my world!! And not a kid in the mix! Yet, I guess. And I’ll gladly take your high falutin’ maternity wear off your hands for a couple bucks 🙂

  7. Alexis said

    Oh No! Eat away…you deserve it. I’m heading to the ice box for skinny cow cone…damn you.

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