My visit from Rex

January 12, 2009

Jeff said he missed me…what do you guys think?


It was so good seeing Rex last night – I have never seen him so wound up before in my life!  And it was a hoot when the nurse came in the room to monitor the babies – little Rexy was growling at her…I think he thought she was hurting me!  LOL! 



12 Responses to “My visit from Rex”

  1. Stacy said

    He is so damn cute! How nice it is that he was able to visit. Good luck with your appt. tomorrow – sending good “get to go home” vibes your way.

  2. shawnandlarissa said

    What a cutie!

  3. I think Rex really missed his mom :0) Praying your appt goes well and you can go home tomorrow

  4. liz said

    i’m sure he missed you. he is so cute!

  5. Beth M said

    Awww!!!! I love that he gets to come visit! Hopefully, you’ll be home today!

    We’re all sick at my house, so no visits for awhile. =( Boo!

  6. alexis said

    What a doll! Great pic and I’m sure he’s anxious to have his mommy home!

  7. HuskerLissa said

    Kerry – that is such a cute picture! He looks so happy to see his Mommy!

  8. Brenda said

    He looks so happy to see you!

  9. Cathy said

    How is it that he ALWAYS looks like he’s smiling?

  10. Kristy said

    What a cutie! Buster misses him already!

  11. Angelika said

    OMG – you know he missed you Kerry!!!!! He is so freaking ass cute it is unbelievable!

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