January 9, 2009

I don’t know why this is happening, but I cannot access ANY of the message boards I post on!  I can get on Facebook and my personal email, just no message boards.  I have no idea how I’m going to pass the time without these message boards, so thank GOD my friend, Liz (and her daughter Avery), brought me some smutty gossip magazines (and lunch and homemade chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies) to help me not me too terribly bored.  Thanks, Liz!!!!  Hopefully when Jeff comes back tonight he can fix my little problem and get me all the way online!  What the hell did we do before the internet was invented?  Seriously!

I had some big events happen today – I got my catheter AND my IV-line taken out today, AND even more exciting, I got to take a shower!!!!  I feel like a million bucks after that, and I’m now resting comfortably in my own jammies, which is really nice.  Kristy and LeAnn are busy getting last-minute things done for my shower tomorrow, which will be right down the hallway – I am soooo excited about that!  Both of them are so cute and great, they are still so pumped to be throwing this shower for me, and making it the best ever.  I think most of the guest list is able to make it, so that makes me feel so incredibly loved (mostly because hospitals suck, and I can’t imagine wanting to go to a shower in the hospital)!  I promise to take lots of pictures, and I’ll post them here tomorrow since I have nothing but free time these days.

Another good bit of good news I got today was that my company does offer short-term disability benefits for pregnancy-related hospitalizations, and I will be paid out at 80% for any time away from work.  Talk about a HUGE load off Jeff and I’s shoulders!  I’m still a little bummed I can’t actually return to work for a while, but only because I miss my work buddies, and I know that at least a few of them miss me.  LOL!  Right now I don’t know if I’ll be returning to work before the babies come, or not until after they are born – my perinatologist hasn’t really eluded either way.

I have more to write later, but I’m really tired, and think I need a nap before my mom, Kristy, her husband, and Jeff come back with some dinner for me, so until then…



8 Responses to “Seriously?”

  1. militarywifealways said

    Yeah, great news all the way around!!!

  2. shawnandlarissa said

    The short term disability must be a huge relief! Glad you had a better day!

  3. alexis said

    Great news about work! Have a blast today at the shower!

  4. Stacy said

    OMG – I am just getting caught up on my blogs and was shocked to read what is going on. Lots of prayers are being sent your way and we are SO relieved to hear that the procedure went well and BoGo are doing good. Hang in there and have a wonderful time at your shower – you deserve it! – Stacy & Jason

  5. Lanie said

    I’m so happy to hear about your benefits! What a relief!!!

    Can’t wait to see you today!

  6. lilcyndiluwho said

    Happy Shower Day!! I’m so mad that I can’t be there to celebrate with you. I’ve got something for you so we’ll have to find a time for me to come entertain you a little bit once I get back. Enjoy all the attention!! You SO deserve it.

  7. liz said

    you’re welcome. i’m just glad i could bring you a little something to make the bed rest more bearable. your shower was so much fun, even if it was in a hospital : )

  8. erica said

    I’m so glad that you got to have some freedom from the tubes, and the STD news is great!

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