I can’t sleep

January 9, 2009

Heidi, one of the L&D nurses here, just came in to change my pee bag (ewww), and I woke up.  Dammit!  I was having a fantastic night of sleep, too, without the aid of any sleep medication.  I think I went to bed around 11, and woke up around 4:40 when she came in, so at least I got almost 6 hours of sleep…way better than I did the night before!  I miss sleeping in my own bed though – I miss Rex cuddling up next to me every night, and I even miss Jeff’s annoying snoring when he rolls over on his back.  I have sent Jeff home the last two nights because there really isn’t a pull-out couch or chair here that’s big enough for a guy of his size.  Plus, Rex would totally freak if both of us weren’t there – Jeff already is telling me that he misses me terribly.  =*(

I also feel bad because my little sis came all the way here to plan and throw my shower, and she’s staying with us, and I can’t even hang out with her, other than in the hospital.  Her husband will be here tonight, so hopefully they can spend some time together outside the hospital for a little bit of fun!  I know that she really doesn’t mind that I’m confined, but I just feel horrible!

Yesterday I had such a nice time with a few friends who came to visit, so I wanted to give them all a shout out.  Lanie (my cycle buddy, who is pregnant with boy-girl twins, and due on the same day as we are) came by and brought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  We chatted for a while, and while she was here, my friend, Maureen stopped by, too.  I hadn’t seen Mo since I’ve been pregnant, so it was soooo great to see her!  Jeff’s mom was next, and then my buddy, Biz, came bearing a Vogue magazine and snacks from Whole Foods – YUMMY!!!!!  My Mom finally got here in the afternoon, and then Marty, LeAnn, and my favorite little nephew, Asher, came by to see me, too.  It was a packed day, but I have to say that visiting with friends and family is way better than watching the absolute shit that’s on daytime TV!

I’m still in good spirits, the babies are doing really good and staying in their respective places, and the contractions have significantly slowed down, thank goodness!  I still have quite a bit of uterine irritability, but they said that’s just a side effect from the cerclage, and it should be going away in the next few days, or so.  In the meantime, Percocet is my friend.  =)  I think I’m going to get my catheter removed either today or tomorrow, which is super exciting, only because I would kill to be able to get out of bed and walk the few steps to my bathroom!  I think I will also be cleared for a shower either today or tomorrow, and boy do I need one, I’m starting to smell a little…ripe.  My poor friends who are visiting today may have to plug their noses when they come today!  And, the most exciting news from last night is that I got cleared from my doctor to have my baby shower here in the hospital!  WOO HOO!!!!!!  From the looks of it, most of my friends will still be coming, so I am so incredibly stoked about that!!!!  Most of all, I feel like I’m not letting down my sister or LeAnn, since they have put a lot of time and energy into this shin-dig!

Okay, I think I’m going to try to go back to sleep for a few hours before they wake me up to eat…wish me luck!



9 Responses to “I can’t sleep”

  1. Sock said

    I hope you were able to sleep a little longer, and that your uterus continues to calm down and go back to its normal pregnant self. The little guys need another month or two at least so they’ll be bigger and stronger. It’s a tough time for you, Kerry, but hang in there. You and the boys are sooooooo fortunate this issue was caught before you went into labor way too early.

  2. April said


    Ivory has been keeping me updated on everything that has been going on. You, your boys & hubby will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers! I work real close to Swedish so if there is a day you don’t have any visitors and need some “outside” food or something just let me know and I would be happy to swing by.

    Take good care!

  3. alexis said

    So glad you’ve been cleared for the shower on Saturday. Jeff and Rex will be happy to have you home…when do you get released? Hey, the diaper bag I got is from Skooch http://www.babyskooch.com/. They have some really cute Camo bags too. Perfect for the mommy of two boys! 😉

  4. alexis said

    Jeff and Rex will be happy to have you home…when do you get released? Hey, the diaper bag I got is from Skooch http://www.babyskooch.com/. They have some really cute Camo bags too. Perfect for the mommy of two boys! 😉

  5. Steph said

    We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!! Glad to hear that all is well.

  6. shawnandlarissa said

    Sorry you can’t sleep =( Sounds like things are going ok though. I hope your shower goes well!

  7. Oh Kerry – you are so amazing! I’m thinking about you and the boys! I hope you have a great time at your hospital baby shower!

  8. militarywifealways said

    Glad to hear you got some needed rest sorry it wasn’t longer and glad you and your sister still get to enjoy your baby shower tomorrow

  9. Noell said

    I’m sorry you didn’t get a great night’s sleep! (((HUGS))) I’m sure the shower (the party not the act of cleaning…haha!) this weekend will be just what the doctor ordered and you’ll get home to sit in bed instead! Thinking about you and BoGo!

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