Update from yesterday

January 8, 2009

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, Facebook messages, emails, calls, and texts .  Yesterday was a really scary day for our family, and having your support means more to us than you could ever know!

Today is a good day – both babies are doing really well, considering the small amount of trauma that Baby A went through yesterday.  They just came in to do measurements, and the BoGo passed with flying colors!  I just had my epidural removed (hooray!), and they took me off fluids for now since I can finally drink water.  Which is funny, because I’ve filled up my pee bag about 5 times since they started allowing me to have water – ewwww.  I have these air compression bands on my lower legs to help keep them circulating, and they are still monitoring my contractions and uterine irritability every couple of hours.  The contractions have significantly decreased, which is SO GOOD (I was having a lot more last night, but they said it was probably due to the surgery)!

I will at least be here for a week, but maybe longer, depending on what the peri thinks.  I am out of work indefinitely, which is a bit scary, as we really don’t have a savings account and I’m pretty sure our bills aren’t going to pay themselves!  I have talked to my boss about the possibility of me working from home when I go to continue bed rest there, but I don’t know if that will be approved, or if my peri will even let me, so keep your fingers crossed!  I really need to work as long as possible so my poor husband doesn’t freak out.

We did get a bit of good news today – they are allowing us to have my baby shower here at the hospital on Saturday (I just have to get it cleared from my doctor)!  I was pretty bummed about missing it, since we’ve waited for this for so long, but the staff here has been so great – they don’t want me missing out on my big day!  I will have to stay in my bed (or if I get really lucky, they will let me sit in a wheelchair), but that’s okay – I just really want to be surrounded by friends and family, you know?  Plus, my sister-in-law and sister have worked SO HARD on putting the perfect shower together for me, and I want them to have something to show for it!

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all an update on what’s going on – I promise to keep you posted on any big news or progress if you promise to keep thinking those positive thoughts!  Thanks again!



11 Responses to “Update from yesterday”

  1. Kiane said

    I’m so glad things are going good today and you got the epidural removed 🙂 And yay for them letting you have your shower there! You, Jeff and BoGo will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. ischwab said

    I’m glad things are going better today!

  3. Angie said

    I’m so glad things are getting better with each passing moment. I’m sure you are very excited for your shower Saturday, have tons of fun!

  4. Sarah said

    Hooray for still getting to have a shower! I’ve been thinking of you all day and hoping that you are resting as comfortably as possible and spending some QT with your sister. See you soon!

  5. alexis said

    Great update Kerry. I just can’t believe how quickly you’ve had to take everything in. You are SO in my thoughts. Don’t stress about work…seriously, it will all work out in the end. You will have a great time on Saturday…I expect to see pics!

  6. shawnandlarissa said

    Thanks for the update. I am praying for you guys. I’m sure you’ll figure out the money thing, just take care of yourself. Big hugs.

  7. Heather said

    I’m so glad to hear things are better – I’m thinking about you! Take care of yourself and BoGo!

  8. militarywifealways said

    Kerry glad to hear you and BoGo are doing better today I have been praying for you guys. I hope that your work from home gets approved and that your shower rocks, you deserve it!!!

  9. Marci said

    So glad to hear things are going well for you and BoGo! And yay for getting the go-ahead on your shower!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your work from home gets approved.
    Take care!

  10. tarahville said

    I am so glad to hear that things are better today. Just reading this brought tears to my eyes for some reason.

    Hang in the Bo & Go!! And Mommy and Daddy you’re doing great. Your babies are going to be so spoiled with love and they are going to have the best parents in the world.

    Please let me know if I can do anything.



  11. Sock said

    Prayers for all of you continue. Do what you must to keep BoGo and yourself safe. You worked very, very hard to get to this point. The only thing that really matters at this point is keeping BoGo in the “oven” as long as possible. Healthy boys at the end is what all of us want – yes!

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