Prayers and positive thinking for my family please

January 7, 2009

Hey everyone, Jeff here from hospital land.  Here are today’s events.

We went in for a routine OB appt and everything was going great.  Kristy got to see BoGo in all their glory.  This was supposed to be followed by lunch at the Cherry Cricket, a dentist appt for Kerry, pedicures for Kerry and Kristy and then a chiropractic appt for Kerry.

That all changed at the end of the OB appt.  The tech was measuring her cervix and found that it was only .5 cm.  Nobody is certain how it got so short but it was 4 cm at the last appt.  Needless to say this is not good.  The tech immediately went to the doctor, who wasted no time in getting us admitted into the Labor and Delivery unit at Swedish.  Another ultrasound, and everything was confirmed – Kerry’s cervix was too short.  The perinatologist (Dr. Haybourne) came in and looked over a few things on the u/s machine and told us that Kerry has an “incompetent cervix” and that he would have to do an amnio and a cerclage (McDonald Cerclage).  A cerclage is basically sewing up the cervix so that the babies don’t come early.  The biggest concern with the procedure is that when the cervix is so short, there is not a lot of room to work with and the water sac can be broken, and one of the babies may have to come out.  The amnio came back normal so there was no infection – good news.  Then at 4pm they took Kerry in for surgery.

The surgery went great.  The peri came in before Kerry was brought back to the room to let me (and Kristy) know the news.  He said that while the surgery went very well, he did have to push the sac for Baby A back up before placing the 2 stitches.  Just as a precaution he also put in 2 additional stitches (WURM procedure) so that when the swelling goes down, and the first two loosen a little that there will be extra support.  He also said that he expects this to work until it is the right time for them to be delivered.

What an eventful day!!!  After everything, we are just so happy that it has ended on a good note.  While we don’t want to be stuck in the hospital, we want to make sure the boys are safe.

We want to thank all of you for you support via text message, Facebook (Thank you, Kristy) and The Nest (Thank you, Molly).  We will keep you posted on any updates, and would like to ask everyone to keep our little guys in their prayers. 



34 Responses to “Prayers and positive thinking for my family please”

  1. Tara said

    Love you guys! Hang in there!

  2. ischwab said

    We’re praying hard for all 4 of you!!

  3. erica said

    I’m so glad that the cerclage procedure went well. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Bo Go, while we are all so excited to meet you, you both need to cook a little (lot) longer. Stay put!!!!

    Jeff and Kerry, PLEASE let us know if there’s anything we can do. Hang in there!

  4. Lanie said

    You have lots of love and prayers coming from Shane and me!!!

  5. Brandi said

    I will definitely be keeping your whole family in my thoughts and prayers. I’m glad the procedure went so well!

  6. Jeff, Kerry, and BoGo you guys are in my prayers I am a semi local (The Springs) if you need anything let me know

  7. sarahope said

    thinking of all of you and sending love! Kerry u have helped me so much i wish there was something more i could do for you.

  8. Sock said

    Holy cow – if you hadn’t had an appointment today, the boys might have come before the problem was caught. God is watching over all of you!! Take it easy, Kerry – keep yourself and the boys safe. You’re in my prayers!!

  9. Ann said

    Wow! What a day! You and your boys are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Be sure to let this twin momma (who is very experienced in hospital bed rest) know if you need anything.

  10. Katey said

    I’m so glad that the procedure went well and BoGo can stay in for awhile longer. All of you guys are in my thoughts and prayers. If you need anything, just say the word. {{HUGS}}

  11. liz said

    hugs and love, my friend. you know we are all pulling for you and praying that those little stinkers stay put for a while.

  12. Molly said

    Thanks for the updates Jeff and for being the best husband and daddy to kerry and BoGo and keeping them safe and sound!
    We’re sending lots of love yalls way!

  13. lauraandlee said

    Thank you for the updates – I’ve been thinking about all of you since I read the news. It sounds and if Kerry and the babies are in great hands and that those munchkins are going to stay put for a while. BIG hugs to everyone.

  14. Noell said

    Thanks for the updates Jeff! I’m thinking about Kerry, you and the babies! Get some rest mama & cook those babies as long as they’ll let you! Be good BoGo!

  15. chenoa said

    Wow! I heard about your day on SAIF. I am so glad you guys had that Ob appointment and u/s today! So glad you caught it in time. Here’s hoping those babies stay right where they are for several more months. You’re in my thoughts.

  16. Jenny said

    I am from the Nest and follow your story because my husband and I are also 24 weeks pregnant with twin boys and live in Fort Collins. This exact same thing happened to us on December 3 and we rushed to Sweedish and also had a cerclage done by Dr. Hayborne. Dr, Hayborne is the best and from what I hear his cerclages are magic! It is so scary and bed rest is difficult, but 5 weeks later we are still pregnant, and the babies are doing great! Just know that we are thinking of you and that we know you will do great!! If you need any advice on bed rest or cerclages please feel free to contact us. Jenny & Brian

  17. Cathy said

    Seriously, after all the crap you guys went through to get BoGo, doesn’t the universe owe you an easy pregnancy? Poop on that! Glad everything seems to be going well despite all you went through today.

  18. Brenda said

    What an eventful day! I’m glad that they are staying put. I’ll be sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way!

  19. lvblvd said

    Kerry- thinking about you!! Lots of prayers said for you and your sweet boys!! Tale care!

  20. Sara said

    Thinking about all 4 of you!!! Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way!

  21. Kristin said

    Glad things went well. You guys are in my thoughts. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  22. Cyndi said

    Checking in from vaycay and Oh My God!!! All the prayers in the world coming your way to all four of you. Sounds like you’re in good hands for now. C’mon Bo & Go, keep on cookin’.

  23. alexis said

    Talk about timing! I was concerned yesterday when I didn’t see a post about your appointment. My jaw dropped this morning when I saw the news! So thankful they caught it in time and it sounds like everything went well to keep those boys put. Goodness…what a relief.

  24. Tiffany said

    So glad all went well. Thinking of you four (still), keeping you all in good thoughts and prayers….oh-and still working on that money tree…xoxo

  25. Dana said

    Lots of thoughts and prayers coming from the Marlowes. Aiden has all of her fingers and toes crossed for you!

  26. shawnandlarissa said

    You guys are in my prayers. I’m glad that the procedure went well. I’ll be thinking about all of you

  27. Cara said

    Kerry, you are one of the strongest people I know and you have beat tremendous odds to have these boys…I have no doubt that this will just be another hurdle in the amazing journey you and Jeff have taken to be parents. Just keep being yourself, strong and determined. Its obvious the amazing support system you have use all of us for whatever you need. Seding lots of love from the Stoddard clan!

  28. Angie said

    You are all in my prayers and I am so glad the surgery went well. Here’s to hoping you’ll be back home soon on bed rest.

  29. Chrissy said

    Sending tons of thoughts, prayers, and keep cooking juju your way.

  30. Ron S said

    Yikes, I am so glad things look okay now. I am pulling for your family bigtime.

  31. Kari March said

    Your whole family is in our prayers!!

  32. Thinking of you always! Remember how close I am to you, and that I have PLENTY of time to do anything (big or small) you may need.

  33. Stacey said

    Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I’m glad that everything went okay.

  34. tarahville said

    I’ve been thinking about you guys all day. I seen the post on the nest and I sent Kerry an email just so you knew you were in my thoughts.

    Take care of yourself and know that we are all thinking about you, Kerry and BoGo and are holding you all close to our hearts. Please let us know if you need anything.

    Love you guys,


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