January 31, 2009

We got a lot done today, and of course by “we” I mean Jeff.  =)  We enjoyed sleeping in a little bit this morning (for once, thanks to my new friend Zantac 150 – no more acid reflux…for now), and then we got right to work.  I layed down and did what I do best (bossed Jeff around), at his request.  We got all of the stuff put in its proper place in the nursery, and Jeff got all of the empty boxes and trash out of the basement to make room for our friends who will be here tomorrow for our annual Super Bowl party.  Jeff is now at the grocery store, shopping for all of the necessities for the party, and I am chillin’ on the couch.

Katey and her little girl (she’s almost two!), Kiley, came over tonight to visit and drop off our dinner of creamy chicken enchiladas and (surprise) peanut butter chip brownies – holy YUM!  The chicken enchiladas were really different, I think Katey said she used cream of chicken soup in them, but both Jeff and I REALLY liked them, and can’t wait for all of the leftovers.  The brownies were a total surprise, but a very welcome surprise – Katey seriously makes the best desserts (we’re in cooking club together)!  Thanks, Katey!

Kiley getting some love from Rex (sorry it’s so blurry, I couldn’t not post it because K’s smile is priceless) –


And our yummy dinner (and dessert) –

















To make you smile

January 31, 2009


Because no matter what kind of day I’m having, this little guy can ALWAYS put a smile on my face.  Even when he’s being naughty.



January 30, 2009

I don’t know why I’m glad it’s Friday, other than the fact that Jeff is home for a few days…  And for some reason, I was really depressed today.  Thankfully, I have some fantastic friends who came to visit me, and that really helped to cheer me up!

Stephanie brought Gavin and Heidi’s Deli over for lunch. 


I have to tell you that Mr. G is seriously one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen!  What do you guys think?  Steph, it was sooo nice to finally meet you and Gavin, and I really hope we can get together again soon (maybe next time for some DQ…you know, since it’s right down the street?)!




Mmmmmm, egg salad sandwich from Heidi’s.  I didn’t take a picture of the cookie because I ate it too fast.  LOL! 




A few minutes after Steph and Gavin left, Beth and Lily came over.  Beth is super naughty and brought me an ENTIRE BOX of Paradise Bakery cookies (there may or may not be one missing in this picture). 




Miss Lily didn’t really want her picture taken, but I think I got a pretty cute one anyway!



Beth was also super nice and brought me some bottles she never used and some of Lily’s prefolds (cloth diapers) that she’s outgrown.  Thanks, Beth!!!

Oh, and guess what?  I ate my Swiss Cheese Mushroom Runza tonight.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM.



Hell’s Kitchen

January 29, 2009

No Robin, I’m not talking about your Tijuana Torte, that was DELISH!  I’m just really excited for the first episode of Hell’s Kitchen tonight – Jeff and I just love Gordon Ramsey, he’s such an ass!  And I’m having a hard time coming up with blog entry titles, so here ya go!

Today was almost too much excitement for me – I  had 6 visitors and my Mom finally made it back to Denver!  I told her she was just in time to help Jeff clean the house for our annual Super Bowl party this weekend (yes, we are still having it, it’s the 5th Annual, and I wasn’t missing it just because of stupid bed rest).

Tara drove all the way from Loveland just to see little (large) old me, and bring me one of the best gifts a pregnant gal (and her hungry husband) could get…a Runza!  For those of you who don’t know what a Runza is, you are missing out – it’s a delicious stuffed sandwich full of ground beef, cabbage, cheese, and in the one I got, mushrooms.  They have Runza Restaurants all over Nebraska, but there are only a few of them here in Colorado, and one is in Loveland.  Just one of the perks to having a good friend who lives there!  Jeff had his tonight after he got home from work, and I’m saving mine for tomorrow (picture to follow) – I cannot freakin’ wait!

Dayna Rae and Tiffany came over when Tara was just leaving, and D Rae brought my (finished) shower gifts…they are so amazing!!!  She is extremely creative, and her shower gift to us was designing BoGo’s scrapbooks so that all we had to do was write a few details in and add pictures.  Thank goodness somebody helped me with this, because I’m not exactly the most creative person, so thank you SO MUCH Dayna Rae!!!!


Robin, her son Ethan, and Stephanie came over just as D Rae and Tiffany were leaving – and Robin had our dinner in hand – it was soooo yummy! 


I had a great time talking with two of my cooking club gals, and showing off the nursery.  Steph had mentioned that she was going to bring over some blueberry muffins tonight, but she burned them so she left them at home.  I kindly thanked her for leaving them at home, LOL!  =)  It was so great seeing you three – and tell Ethan thanks for all of the laughs!

And with that, I’m out.  I am soooo tired, I hope I make it through Hell’s Kitchen…


I swear to God if I get one.more.email telling me that the woman who just had octuplets “could have been me”, I’m going to go off the deep end.  Just a few things about this woman and her “gifts from God”…

1.  They are not “gifts from God”, they are “miracles of science”.  There is absolutely NO WAY that she spontaneously conceived 8 babies.  No way in hell. 

2.  This “could have been me” is an ignorant thing to say, because really it could have never happened with all of the monitoring, ultrasounds, and bloodwork our RE did while we were doing IUI’s (artificial insemination).  IMO, no reputable RE in this country (or anywhere else for that matter) would have EVER let a patient go forward knowing that they might release that many eggs.  If you are thinking Jon and Kate + 8, I personally think her RE was a jackass for thinking it was okay to go ahead with an IUI when she had that many mature follicles, but that’s a whole other story.

3.  This pregnancy was NOT the result of IVF.   It was most likely the result of an unmonitored cycle using fertility drugs, which is so ridiculously irresponsible, I can’t even begin to elaborate on it without raising my blood pressure, so I won’t.

I think I better stop talking about this now.  Just know if you are one of the aforementioned offenders who have sent me an email like this, I have deleted your email and will not respond.  My mom always told me if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all – so I won’t.  =)


Other than my total lack of sleep (thanks to acid reflux) last night, I had a pretty fantastic day today!  LeAnn (my sister-in-law) and Asher came over to visit me this morning, and boy did Ash keep me entertained!  We found out that not only can he figure out how the doggy door works, but he can also fit through it and escape in a moment’s notice (oops).  We also found out that he is a musical genius…


Ummm…really?  How cute is he?  Yeah, we’re related.  =)  LeAnn and Ash kept me company all morning, and even brought me a yummy snack of peppers and spicy hummus – thanks you guys!

I started feeling kind of yucky (lack of sleep I’m sure) right after they left, so I took a little nap, and that helped.  I couldn’t sleep too long because my wonderful hair stylist and friend, Alex, came over at 3 to give me a much-needed haircut.  She is such a nut!


It’s absolutely amazing how a great haircut and blowout can totally transform the way you feel.  I have to say that I have been feeling a little “blah” the last few weeks since being released from the hospital.  I think it has something to do with wearing yoga pants and t-shirts every day, not putting on makeup, and not styling my hair, but who knows?  Anyway, after Alex was done with me, I felt FANTASTIC!  My cut is great – it’s a little shorter than I had planned on going, but Alex knows her stuff, and she said we needed to “get rid of the split ends”, so I said to go for it!  I like my hair shorter anyway (but I am trying to grow it out a bit), so it works for me.  Edited to add – why the hell does my nose look like a penis in this picture?  I mean sheesh – I know it’s *not small*, but really, this is not what I look like.  Is it?  Bad angle, or something…


The best part about the haircut is that it was Alex’s shower gift to me, so it was FREE!!!  And I just cannot get over the fact that she offered to come over to cut my hair with her crazy busy schedule – she is seriously such a great friend.  If any of you out there need a new stylist, or if you’re bored of the same old haircut you keep getting, you should check her out.  The salon she works for is in Cherry Creek, just off 1st and St. Paul, and I’m telling you that you will get the best haircut and color of your life if you go to her!  Check out her website if you’re interested…


YAY for new hair!!!  And right now I’m eating an Oreo Blizzard (damn that Dairy Queen down the street that just opened!), so life is goooooood.


I styled my hair today

January 27, 2009


Another big day out for the big pregnant woman (not the most flattering picture of me, as I didn’t feel well this afternoon).  Gosh, every time I see a picture of me I just cannot believe how big I am (I don’t really feel that big, LOL)!  Anyway, I had an OB appointment today, and normally the OB appointments are very uneventful, so I told Jeff that I would just have my aunt take me.  Well, go figure – these little boys, Baby B in particular, are little naughties (Jeff says “just like their momma”, but I don’t know about that…)!  Both the NP and my OB had a hard time finding Go’s heartbeat on the doppler, so my OB suggested that I go in for an ultrasound “just to be safe”.  I didn’t need an ultrasound (although I LOVE seeing my babies on that screen) because Go has been kicking my ribcage all day long – I knew he was alive and kicking!  As suspected, all was good – Bo’s heartrate was 158, Go’s was 164, and they were both looking adorable, as usual.  I was soooo glad to finally get a good picture of Bo’s face, as he’s usually squished and smashed against my cervix, courtesy of his little brother. 

And the best news of the day is that Bo’s heartrate is no longer irregular!!!!  My OB sat in on my ultrasound, and we all just sat and listened to his heartrate for a good 2-3 minutes – it was steady, smooth, and perfect.  Of course, my OB did warn me that the irregularity could come back (and that they and our peri would be closely monitoring it), but for now – it’s good news, and I’ll take it!  Between this, and getting a great view of the baby we never get to see, I was really bummed that Jeff wasn’t by my side.  Next time.  =)

When we got home from the appointment, this was waiting for me in the snow…


LOL at my friend, Cathy!!!!  For those of you who can’t make out what the bottom says, it says “Continue baking BoGo at least 4-6 weeks as directed”.  So cute!  Jeff got a great laugh out of it, too!  I was so sorry that my boys were being little rascals, because that meant I missed hanging out with Cathy for a while.  And as much as I love that girl, I didn’t even care that I didn’t get to see her once I tasted this – homemade mac and cheese (my favorite, by the way) with ham and broccoli.  Holy YUM.



Day of pampering

January 26, 2009

Well, maybe not a day of pampering, but I did have a nice two hours of “me time” today (with my favorite aunt, who was in charge of taking care of me today since Mom didn’t make it back from Wyoming because of weather issues).  My friend, Miriam, recommended this FANTASTIC company, called The Glam Squad, who comes to you and does manicures, pedicures, and waxing!  Thanks, Miriam!!!


The owner, Kelly, was sooooo nice!  And cute, spunky, and fun (everything you would want in a nail technician).  She gave me one of the best pedicures I have (seriously) ever had, and waxed my unruly eyebrows to perfection, all while I was laying down.  My aunt also had her eyebrows done, and they look so good!

I was going to post before and after pics, but honestly, I don’t think many of you care to see my feet – so I’ll spare you.  =)  But I will say that I absolutely recommend Kelly and her company to any of you in the Denver metro area who need and deserve some pampering.  Their prices are CRAZY reasonable, considering they come to YOU, and like I said – probably one of the best pedis I’ve ever gotten.  I booked another appointment for three weeks out, and I may even see if a friend wants to come over to get a pedicure with me (she said she would love to do that for me)!  Any takers?

Kelly is currently running a special – a punch card where if you buy five manicures or pedicures, you get your 6th one free.  And she does gift certificates as well.  Oh, and if anyone books an appointment with her, PLEASE tell her I referred you – she gives $5 off your services for each referral, and next time, I really want a manicure, too!


25 Things

January 26, 2009

My cycle buddy, Lanie, tagged me to play the “25 Things” game.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

I’m going to skip tagging 25 people…I think this thing has made it around the block several times, I’ve just never participated before.  Of course, if you feel like posting this in your blog, go for it!  And here we go!

1.  I wet the bed at night until I was 6 years old.

2.  When I was in preschool, my mom dressed me in a fancy dress, and I didn’t want to get it dirty, so when I walked in the door for the day, I simply took my dress off.  Might help explain why I don’t like/wear dresses now…

3.  I would guess that Jeff has only seen me in a dress maybe 12 times since we’ve been together (8 years). 

4.  Two of those times were the day of our rehearsal and our wedding day.

5.  I was going to wear a dress to my baby shower, but didn’t have it at the hospital.  Lanie suggested that I wear it to the hospital when I go in to have the babies, LOL!

6.  I beat the kid who ended up getting a full ride scholarship to Harvard in the fourth grade spelling  bee. 

7.  He cried.

8.  That same kid told me once that eating as much junk food as I did would eventually catch up to me. 

9.  He was right.  Instead of gaining the “Freshman 15”, I gained the “Freshman 25”.

10.  I used to be extremely self-conscious about the size of my nose, and even considered getting a nose job at some point.

11.  My dad told me if I did, he would cut me out of the will (we share the same nose, and he was adopted so it’s just him and I with the “Skinner Slope”).

12.  I’m better about my nose now, but if you’ve ever noticed I never wear my hair in a ponytail.  It’s because I hate how my profile looks when I wear my hair up.

13.  Jeff thinks I look cute in a ponytail, but I still don’t wear it up in public (unless I’m at the gym).

14.  I wrecked my car once in high school, got it back from the shop, and wrecked it less than a week later just miles down the road.

15.  I haven’t had a speeding ticket since 1995 (knock on wood), although I should have several dozen by now with the way I normally drive.

16.  Jeff has gotten a speeding ticket every year but one that we’ve been married. 

17.  The last one was totally my fault, I told him to speed.

18.  I dated my college roommate’s ex-boyfriend after they broke up.  When he dumped  me, I started dating his step-brother.

19.  It was confusing on which of the parents to suck up to.  The ex’s dad or the current boyfriend’s mom?

20.  I wanted a cheap Vegas wedding – you know, the kind where you “drive thru” to get married?  But Jeff wanted a big, flashy wedding with tons of family and friends, so that’s what we did.

21.  I didn’t wear a veil or a tiera on our wedding day – and my hair pretty much looked the same as it does every day.  I refused to do an “updo” just because you’re “supposed to”. 

22.  My attendants and my Dad and I walked down the aisle to the same song – and it was from the sex scene in the movie Cruel Intentions.  My Dad did not know this.

23.  I didn’t change my last name until Jeff and I were married for a year.  I hadn’t ever planned on doing so, but couldn’t think of anything to get him for our anniversary, so I just went for it.

24.  That just might have been the happiest day of his life…he really didn’t think I would ever do it.

25.  Actually, I think the happiest day of his (and my) life will be when these boys are born.


…11 day old Ivy Adeline, daughter of my beautiful friend, Molly, and her husband, Patrick.  Molly is my buddy who tried to get pregnant for 20 months before little Ivy was conceived.  I think 29 months was definitely worth the wait…


Jeff holding little Ivy (I have to admit that this picture melts my heart) –


And me (minus makeup, so don’t judge) holding this sweet little girl –


The BoGo definitely knew that something was going on as I was holding Ivy – they were kicking me all over the place!  But I didn’t even care…it took all I had to hold a conversation with my friends, as I was absolutely fixated on how sweet and little and perfect Ivy is.  I just couldn’t be happier for my friends, and I’m soooo thankful for Kate for offering to drive Molly (she isn’t cleared to drive until Wednesday) so she could come show off her “yummy little snack”.  Thank you so much for coming over you guys!!!  And Molly, thanks for the cookies – YUM!