23 weeks today!!!

December 28, 2008

No picture today, as the babies are still the size of papayas.  Supposedly, I should be able to see them move underneath my clothes, but I haven’t seen anything of the sort yet, so I’m not holding my breath.  Although I did get some new fizzy balls for the bath today, so maybe I will see if the little ones create any ripples in the bathtub!

This week, the blood vessels in the BoGo’s lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and the sounds they are picking up from “the outside” are preparing them for the big, scary world they are about to enter in a few months.  They say that louder noises (like Rex barking or the vacuum running) won’t even phase them after they’re born if they have been hearing them from the inside for a while – how crazy is that?

The thing that’s totally been freaking me out lately is that my ankles and feet are really swelling up fast these days.  I really need to concentrate on taking it easy (see previous blog entry) and putting my feet up when I get home to help increase circulation a little bit (not to mention swollen feet and ankles are UGLY).  I’ve also noticed some spider veins around my ankles and a few broken capillaries on my face, which is just part of the gift of pregnancy, so I’ll take them and try not to complain too much.  =)

We have been so busy with Jeff’s family being here the last 5 days that we haven’t made any progress on the nursery, but next week (and weekend), since we have more time off, I plan on us tackling the nursery completely!  I want to get as much done as possible before my baby shower (on the 10th) so that I’ll know what else we need to purchase to be ready for the boys to come home.  Plus, my sister is coming to stay with us for a few days before my shower, and I want her to be nice and comfortable in the new spare bedroom/office.

And in the interest of taking better care of myself, I treated myself to a prenatal massage (my friend is a massage therapist), lunch with my MT friend and Molly, and then a mani/pedi with Molly afterwards.  It probably wasn’t the smartest financial decision I’ve made lately, but Jeff thought it was a great idea that I pamper myself today (after the last five days we’ve had running all over the place), and it was great to have the company of good friends for an afternoon.  Molly is due in two short weeks, so I did want to spend some quality time with her before her little girl arrives.

I’ll try to get some pictures uploaded later today, and get those on here, along with an updated bump pic for your viewing pleasure…so stay tuned!



3 Responses to “23 weeks today!!!”

  1. Molly said

    Yay for mani/pedis and girlie time! It was great to hang with you buddy and my fingers and toes look super cute!

  2. Ashley said

    YEAH!! I am so glad you are pampering yourself! I was getting massages and reflexology VERY often towards the end! As for the swelling, I used pressure stockings the entire pregnancy. I am a nurse and was on my feet alot, but I even wore them on my days off. You can find them at nursing stores or on the internet. kneehighs, thighhighs, or the full pantyhose. They really feel good and can save your veins! I would suggest 20-30 grade! Love ya and praying for you guys!

  3. alexis said

    Sounds like an awesome day of pampering! Good for you. My staff bought me a pregnancy massage and Jason told me this morning to schedule it for this week. It’s hard to slow down! You’ll see those hands and feet move your shirt in no time…what a trip!

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