21 weeks today!!!

December 14, 2008


The BoGo are the size of two bananas now – mmmmmm, potassium (which I need to get more of in my diet).  They are beginning to move around more, and kick me every once and a while, although Jeff still can’t feel them, which really bums him out.  He’s been sleeping with his hand on my belly at night “just in case” – it’s so cute.  I have started noticing a pattern to their movements, and they really seem to be the most active when I’m settling down for the night.  Bad BoGo!

By 21 weeks, the babies taste buds are fully-formed, so they tell you to start thinking about that before you put food in your mouth.  If you want your little ones to like carrots and asparagus, eat lots of carrots and asparagus.  If you don’t want your babies to like Dairy Queen blizzards and Anthony’s cheese pizza, don’t eat them once every couple of weeks like I do (sorry Jeff).  Makes sense, doesn’t it? 

Jeff and I finished painting the nursery today, and after we were done, we just laid on the bed staring up at the pale blue walls.  I said, “this color makes me happy,” and Jeff said, “you said that about the bright blue color, too.”  Then I said, “yeah, but this color makes me more happy,” and we just laid there, his head resting on my arm, smiling at our beautiful pale blue walls. 

After a totally relaxing massage this afternoon (thanks, Rheana!), Jeff and I met up with some friends (happy 30th birthday, Joe!) at the Cherry Cricket for fried macaroni and cheese bites and cheeseburgers.  Oops, what was that about feeding the babies what you want them to like?  Dammit!  Anyway, after we were done with lunch, we headed over to this carpet warehouse by our house and picked out our new carpet for the nursery (actually for the entire downstairs).  It’s just a neutral medium beige color that will looks soooo much better than the hideous hunter green carpet in the downstairs bedrooms.  It should also help us sell the house in a few years when we need to upgrade to a bigger home.  It was so exciting, and an excellent way to take advantage of our United mileage plus card 0% interest until Sept 2009 offer!

They are putting a rush on the carpet, and it should (hopefully)  be installed on or before next Sunday, which is SUPER exciting!!!!  I spent the afternoon taking stuff out of the closet of the nursery, and stacking it in the bathroom, getting ready for the carpet installers whenever they come.  It’s kind of funny, because when you look in our downstairs bathroom now, we look like those “hoarders” they have on Dateline or Primetime every once and a while.  Our bathtub is filled halfway to the ceiling with crap from our spare bedroom (soon-to-be-nursery)!  The biggest task is going to be finding places to store the rest of the stuff from downstairs when they come to put in the new carpet.  But, we will be okay – and once the carpet is installed, I promise to take pictures of the nursery so you all can see the color of the walls (with the new carpet). 

Wow.  I still cannot believe I’m getting the nursery ready for my baby boys.  So surreal…even halfway through the pregnancy.  We are so blessed.



3 Responses to “21 weeks today!!!”

  1. lilcyndiluwho said

    Awwww, the part about you guys laying on the bed staring at the walls totally made me tear up. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. erica said

    I can’t believe you are half way through already! Congratulations to the both of you! I can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. alexis said

    sounds like a great weekend! Jeff will feel those babies soon!

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