Weekend mission – paint the nursery

December 13, 2008

As excited as we are to be painting our children’s nursery, it’s kind of a drag, and I’ll tell you why.  We moved into our home four years ago, and up until this spring, the spare bedroom (that will soon become our nursery) just sat vacant, other than a bed and a couple of nightstands.  When we moved in, we painted the walls a pale blue color, with hopes that one day soon we would be moving a little bundle of joy into it.  Well, after dealing with infertility as long as we did, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  That room was supposed to be our nursery, and it was nothing but a depressing reminder that we had no children or baby on the way.  So…I got a wild hair up my ass and went to Linens n Things to pick out some fun bedding to replace the drab quilt on the bed.  Then, I took that fun bedding, and matched it with a fabulous ocean blue color of paint for the walls, and a few hours later I had this –


It was such a relief to have a fun new bedroom to focus on, rather than a sad reminder of something that was supposed to happen, but hadn’t so far.  Everyone who walked in this room was, first of all, automatically blinded by the brightness of the walls – but secondly, they were happy.  As was I, which was important for me, as this spring was especially hard on me with new pregnancy announcements, new births, etc.  And now, as much as it’s going to be a drag to repaint this room for the third time in four years (and second time in eight months), we are so completely excited for the reason behind making this room absolutely perfect.

We chose a pale blue color (again), but this one is more cheery, and more meaningful (as meaningful as paint can be anyway) than the paint we originally chose four years ago.  It will match the brown, blue, and white crib bedding that we chose for our boys last weekend, and will just be the beginning of a beautiful, perfect, soothing room for the BoGo (can you imagine our boys waking up to that ocean blue color above – talk about sensory overload!).  Tomorrow, we will be going to look at carpet, as our downstairs carpet needs to be replaced anyway – what better time than the present?

I am done taping off the floorboards, doorway, and windows, and am all ready to start painting.  Jeff had to run off to the dentist for a tooth emergency (he had a toothache that kept him up all night last night), and I don’t know if I can wait for him!!  I think I may just start, and worry about the upper wall for when he gets back.  Don’t worry, I have my painting mask in hand, and the windows will be open. 

Our cribs, glider, and ottoman should be here in a few weeks, and by then the room will be painted, the new carpeting will be installed, and Jeff will have set up the dresser and changing table/dresser combo.  I cannot wait to show you all what the finished product looks like! 



2 Responses to “Weekend mission – paint the nursery”

  1. alexis said

    I can’t wait to see the finished room! Have fun making that room perfect for those two little boys! btw- any names floating around? 😉

  2. Have fun! We are still debating whether to paint or not. I need some of your motivation to rub off on me!

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