Thanksgiving weekend recap

December 1, 2008

First of all, if you were waiting for a bump pic yesterday, I’m a slacker and didn’t get around to posting it until about 10 minutes ago.  Sorry.  =(  When we were taking the picture, Jeff noticed that my belly button is already starting to kind of disappear…or at least it’s getting less deep (same thing, right?).  It’s so weird!  I also noticed that when I was trying to, ahem, take care of some personal grooming yesterday that I can no longer see my girly parts without lifting my belly up a bit.  Fun stuff, I tell you.  I had never really imagined what Jeff’s expression would be when I asked him to make sure that I was “even” on both sides, but I know now, and it was hilarious! 

And now for Thanksgiving – aside from the killer dog bite I got from Freddie (long story, for a different day, as this is only going to be a positive post), the weekend was fantastic!  My grampy was soooo excited to see me (and my growing belly) – you should have seen his eyes light up when I untied my coat to expose the BoGo – it was absolultely priceless.  He just grinned, laughed, and looked up at me (he’s shorter than I am) with his sparkly blue eyes, and I could tell how excited he was to be a great-grandpa just by the look on his face.  I mean, seriously – look how excited he is (that’s my Daddy on the left, just in case you couldn’t figure it out since we look nothing alike…)!


After I said brief hellos to everyone at my sister’s, Jeff and I took off for Methodist Hospital, where Jeff’s cousin, Molly’s, two little girls were still in the NICU.  We spent about an hour and a half with Molly, Brett, and the girls, and it was just amazing.  They are absolutely gorgeous – pictures seriously don’t do them justice.  Molly was kind enough to let both Jeff and I hold Regan, but I did take pics of each of them.  Here is Jeff holding Regan (on the lower left), and Drew on the upper right.  The best news?  Thanksgiving night, Regan got to go home, and her little sister joined her on Saturday night – now that’s something to be thankful for!











We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast, thanks to my mom, Jeff, my sister, and Joel (I was napping while they were cooking- those hotel beds do nothing for a pregnant gal) – and Kristy even bought me some non-alcoholic wine that was actually quite delicious!  On Friday, mom, Kristy, and I went shopping very briefly, and not at 4 o’clock in the morning thank you very much.  I bought a bigger Columbia jacket to replace my size Medium I’ve been trying to wear lately, and Mom bought me a Snoogle!!!  For those of you who don’t know what a Snoogle is, it’s the answer to my sleepless nights, and it’s been WONDERFUL so far…


I know it looks a little…ummm…weird, but trust me when I tell you I wish I would have gotten one weeks ago when sleep started to be a problem!  Thanks to all of my friends who convinced me to take the plunge (it ain’t cheap), and thanks to my Mommy for buying it for me!  We came home to get ready for the big game (the NU vs. CU game is always the day after Thanksgiving), and despite a rocky start, and a very scary last quarter, we pulled off a win!  Snoogle, Big Fred’s pizza, and a “W” for the Huskers made for a fantastic Friday! 

After the game, we said goodbye to my family, and headed to Lincoln to celebrate the big win with Jeff’s cousin, Eric (Molly’s older brother), and his new wife, Kira.  We went out for hot wings (something new and exciting) and beers (BoGo had several glasses of Nebraska’s finest water), and then back to Eric and Kira’s to chat for a while.  We made it an early night because we were leaving on Saturday.  On the way out of town, we went to David City to visit Jeff’s grandma and grandpa.  Grandma Bea was really excited to see my growing belly again!  We got home late on Saturday night, ordered in Chinese, and snuggled up on the couch – it was a chilly night. 

I’m so glad we left a day early, as the weather took a turn for the worse on Sunday, and a lot of people got stuck in traffic/bad weather.  We spent Sunday afternoon at Babies R Us looking at, and deciding on our nursery furniture – that was super fun!  We also looked at some bedding, but decided we will wait until Friday when we (crossing fingers) find out BoGo’s genders to make any concrete decisions.  We’ll keep you posted…I have a feeling that this weekend is going to be a busy one!



7 Responses to “Thanksgiving weekend recap”

  1. alexis said

    Yeah for the Snoogle! Love the belly pic…lookin’ good! Can’t wait for Friday too… 🙂

  2. Stacy said

    Sounds like a great Thanksgiving…Can’t wait for the update on Friday!

  3. Tarah said

    Love the Snoogle! I’m not even preggy, but it looks like something I’d like.

    I am a little sad that we never get together when you come down. 😦 You can look me up, you know that, right!?

  4. Tarah said

    Kerry – I emailed you.

    Sleep tight and I’ll talk to you soon.


  5. Auntie Barb said


    I loved the pictures, especially the one of you, your daddy and grandpa. It appears that he could not be happier or more excited. He does have a twinkle in his eye, doesn’t he?

    Friday is coming up, can’t wait!

    Love to all of you.

  6. Auntie Barb said


    I loved the pictures, especially the one of you, your daddy and grandpa. It appears that he could not be happier or more excited. He does have a twinkle in his eye, doesn’t he?

    Friday is coming up, can’t wait!

    Love to all of you.

  7. Kristin said

    I just got a Snoogle this week, too. Terence went out and bought it because he knew I was too cheap to spend the money on it myself. Every once in a while husbands know best.

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