Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 26, 2008

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here – I have had a hella-busy week at work (short weeks are ALWAYS like that), and I’ve actually been going to bed really early these days, which is weird since I seem to have more energy…

Anyway, Jeff and I are off to Omaha for the long holiday weekend.  My sister is hosting Thanksgiving at her house, so we are taking the dogs and loading up the car for the super-sweet roadtrip across Nebraska (insert eye roll here).  I’m really excited, because not only do I get to see my sis, her husband, and my Mom and Dad, but my Grampy will be there, too!!!!!  He wasn’t going to come, but when he found out that I would be there, he decided he had better come check out “how big I was getting”.  LOL, he’s so cute!!!

I will try to update while we’re gone, but I’m not making any promises, as I want to spend as much time as possible with my family (not that I have to explain myself).  In the meantime, I hope all of our readers have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving, and I’ll be back on Sunday for the weekly growth update and new bump pic!



4 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”

  1. Chrissy said

    I hope you and Jeff have a safe and fantastic trip! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. sara said

    Hope you and Jeff have a wondeful Thanksgiving with your family!!! Have a safe trip !

  3. alexis said

    happy thanksgiving!! can’t wait for the next bump pic!

  4. Catherine J said

    Have a great trip!

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