18 weeks today!!!

November 23, 2008

We’re halfway there (statistically speaking, of course, since you are considered full-term with twins at around 36 weeks)!!!!  And look how big the babies are getting…


How appropriate for this time of year!  Mmmmm, sweet potatoes – I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!!!!  We have so much to be thankful for this holiday season…the babies have been keeping busy flexing their arms and legs, and boy have I been feeling it!  I have been able to tell the babies apart, which is kind of neat – it’s really helped me to bond with them – I just cannot wait until Jeff can feel them from the outside, I know he’s feeling cheated that he hasn’t been able to feel them yet.  I think it will really help me to bond with them when we FINALLY find out their genders, and that day – if BoGo decides to cooperate this time – is December 5th.  We just cannot wait.

Jeff and I have had a very busy weekend – Saturday I spent all day cleaning while Jeff spent the day cutting the new six-panel interior doors for the upstairs (they are beautiful, by the way).  That night, I went to my cycle buddy’s (Lanie) house for her annual ornament exchange party – it was really fun, and I’m sooo glad I went.  I was a little apprehensive, but only because for some reason, since becoming pregnant, bigger crowds of people kind of freak me out.  I get really anxious, and that’s only made worse if I don’t know the people.  Well, I only knew three people at the ornament exchange, and I was just fine.  It was a great time, I met some really cool people, and ate some damn good food!

Today, Jeff and I got up early and worked on the doors again.  I painted the doors (with a mask on, don’t worry Mom), while Jeff kept busy cutting holes for the hinges and other hardware.  While I waited for the paint to dry, I came inside and put up Christmas decorations!  I know, it’s a little early, but we will be in Omaha this weekend, and I wanted to come home and not have to work on putting up decorations, so today it was!  Yes, I listened to Christmas music while I hung the ornaments on the tree, and while I placed each individual Snoopy on their respective door knob.  Jeff thinks I’m crazy, and made fun of me for listening to the Siruis “Holly” channel, even though he was totally whistling along to the music!  Ah well, I don’t care – during the holiday season, I am most definitely my mother’s child – and if you think I go crazy for the holidays, you haven’t been to my parent’s house!  One time, my dad found a lingering Christmas knick-knack sitting on the bookshelf – in April.  LOL!

Happy holidays everyone!  Remember to give thanks for every blessing in your life, even though sometimes it seems like life is out to get you – there are always people out there who have a lot less than we do.



3 Responses to “18 weeks today!!!”

  1. alexis said

    I can’t wait for December 5th! We find out Wednesday…hopefully that is. I have the Holly station playing at my shop all day now. I love Christmas music! Have a great Thanksgiving~

  2. angelika05 said

    Just think – next year you will have two little ones staring in awe at the Christmas tree!

  3. ehiwv said

    i’m thankful for your friendship. awwwww

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