November 21, 2008

I have beautiful, shiny red toenails right now, and my feet are as soft as a baby’s bum.  Aaaaaaaah!  Thanks so much to Liz for meeting me for pedicures (and I’m sorry you couldn’t come with us, Molly, hope your neck gets better soon, buddy)!

I don’t have any big plans for the night, other than jumping in my jammies, grabbing a blanket, and watching some smut on TV (Lipstick Jungle anyone?).  Jeff is out with some co-workers, and I am relishing both dogs being well-behaved so I can R-E-L-A-X.

Edited to add:  I almost forgot!  I got two CASHMERE sweaters (a medium for now, and large for later on, LOL) ON SALE at Mimi Maternity today for $32 a piece!!!!!!!!  So, fellow preggos – run, do not walk, to Mimi before they run out!!!!!



4 Responses to “Aaaaaaaah!”

  1. ehiwv said

    i’m so glad i could meet you for a pedi. my purple toenails rock!

  2. tarahville said

    Lipstick Jungle rocks!! I’m so in love with Kiby – I’d totally have his babies. 😛

  3. alexis said

    I am on my way to MiMi’s this weekend! Great deal! And aren’t you pissed that Lipstick got canceled?

  4. Deanne said

    K&J~ I’m just catching up from last week. Holy cow you’ve been sick like my kid K. I’m so sorry it has really taken alot of people down the past couple of weeks. Glad you’re feeling better and hope that the cough subsides soon. I got Tylenol warming multi cold symptom stuff for C (even tho it says for 12+) and it works great for her at night. I think you could take it, check into it anyway. I love love love you pic of your new nieces, they are gorogeous! Thanks for sharing them w/ us! Yay for pampering yourself with a pedi, you’ve gotta do these things.

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