17 weeks today!!!

November 16, 2008


Our babies are the size of onions today.  This week, their skeletons are changing from cartilage to bone, and their umbilical cords are growing thicker and stronger.  Their fingernails are well formed, and they are starting to fill out with a little help from our good friend, fat.  =)

Not much else is happening this week, but I am excited to report that I have been feeling the babies a lot more lately.  The flutters are pretty much gone, and now I’m actually feeling movement from both babies.  I can tell that it’s both babies because if I press down hard on either side of my abdomen, I can feel different movements coming from each baby.  It’s so cool, I seriously don’t think it will ever get old, despite what I have heard from several people.

Starting a few days ago, I’ve been experiencing the joys of RLP, round ligament pain, which still makes me happy because that means that my uterus is expanding to make room for BoGo.  I find that if the pain gets too bad, I can just lay down on my back and stretch my body out as much as I can, and the pain just disappears.  It’s weird.  I’ve also had some problems sleeping, but I’m attributing that to the fact that I haven’t felt very good the last few days.  As a matter of fact, I had a full day of fun planned today (including brunch with old friends, a walk with my girlfriend and her little girl, and dinner with Jeff’s family), and I had to cancel all of them because I’m feeling so crummy.  I think I have an ear infection, and my throat is so raw that it hurts to talk.  It’s no fun being sick.  But it’s really no fun being sick when you’re knocked up.  Ugh.  Hopefully it goes away soon…



2 Responses to “17 weeks today!!!”

  1. ischwab said

    seriously? 17 weeks??? How is time moving so quickly?!?

  2. alexis said

    Sorry you don’t feel well! I think you’re babies are going to be black and blue with all that pushing around you’re doing! lol. I’m just jealous. Let me know if you get the Snoogle!

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