For my daddy (and Mo)…

November 11, 2008

…and anyone else who hasn’t seen me in a while.  You’re going to die – I look just a teensy bit different now (and keep in mind this pic was taken after a long day of work and an extremely large sushi dinner, so I’ve definitely looked better)!

Introducing Kerry and the BoGo!


Edited to add:  I look A LOT like Boston Legal’s Jerry “Hands” Espinson in this photo, but you know what, it’s late, so who cares!


18 Responses to “For my daddy (and Mo)…”

  1. ivory said

    WOO HOO!!! Check out that belly!

  2. Angelika said

    I think you look awesome! Too cute!

  3. shawnandlarissa said

    Hooray for a baby belly!

  4. Megan said

    You look so great! Beautiful and beaming with a baby belly. ; )

  5. LeAnn said

    Holy belly!! When did that happen?? I just saw you!!! Yeah!!!

  6. Cara said

    This might be the first time I have told anyone “congrats” for having a belly….but I couldn’t be happier to say it! You look fantastic and so happy!

  7. Brenda said

    You have such a cute baby belly! 🙂

  8. Porche said

    You look awesome! So cute…

  9. Sock said

    Kerry, you are beautiful! And look at that baby bump!!! I’m still tickled pink for you and wish you and the babies the best. What a nice little family you and Jeff have!

  10. Chrissy said

    Could you be any cuter?!

  11. Marci said

    You look great!

  12. militarywifealways said

    I think Kerry and BoGo are too cute, even with dinner :0)

  13. alexis said

    Adorable baby bump…actually, it’s turning more into a belly!

  14. Noell said

    How cute are you Kerry?! You make an adorable pregnant lady!

  15. Beth M said

    OMG, soooooo cute! It has been much too long since I’ve seen you, obviously!

  16. Molly said

    YAY! There it is! Your belly is adorable!!

  17. Catherine J said

    Where is your wooden cigarette? 🙂

  18. Jenny said

    You look amazing!! That is such a cute baby belly. BoGo are already very good looking.

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