Naughty babies!

November 6, 2008

Sorry to those who have been waiting on an update from our ultrasound and OB appointment today – we met some friends out for dinner, and just got home a short while ago.  =)  I won’t keep you waiting any longer…

…everything was great at our appointment today – except – Go (Baby B) was NOT cooperative AT ALL, and the sonographer was only 70% sure of the gender of Bo, so we decided to wait until our next ultrasound to give it a try.  The main reason I feel really bad about this is my sister and sister-in-law (who will be my baby shower co-hosts) wanted to know so they could pick a “theme” for the shower invites, and now they won’t know in time (the next appointment is FAR away – December 12th!). And my grampy will be at Thanksgiving, and I know he was looking forward to the big announcement – as was everyone else.  Oh well.  I wasn’t okay with a 70% guess on one, and no guess on the other one, so we wait.  The good news about this is that when we find out, YOU find out – I won’t be able to wait until Christmas to spill the beans! 

Both babies measured ahead – Bo was measuring 16w2d, and Go was measuring 16w3d (I’m 15w4d). Bo’s heart rate was 148, Go’s was 150.  I didn’t get hollered at since I’m up 10 lbs (woo hoo), and my belly is measuring right on track, although Jeff and I totally freaked when the OB said if I was pregnant witha singleton, I would be measuring 24 weeks – WHOA.  She did say that my belly was measuring perfectly for being almost 16 weeks pregnant with twins.  I was told that after my next ultrasound, they will want to start seeing me every two weeks, and then when I hit 28 weeks, they want to see me every week, which makes us very happy (Jeff and I just cannot see these babies enough).  

Again, I talked to the OB about whether we should see a perinatologist in addition to them, and she said, “only if you would feel more comfortable doing so”.  She said everything is looking perfectly, and just because we had problems getting pregnant doesn’t mean we will have problems now that we are pregnant.  That was reassuring, to say the least.  She said they usually only refer twin moms to perinatologists if there seems to be any worry – irregular scans or growth with the babies, or if the mom is over/underweight and needs extra monitoring.  Oh, and my blood pressure was totally normal – which was a HUGE surprise, considering how majorly stressed I’ve been at work.  Whew!

Jeff will scan some pictures onto the blog tomorrow when he’s at work (their scanner is a lot nicer than ours is), so this is it for now.  Thanks again to all of my friends and family members for their wonderful support and encouragement (especially this week when I’ve needed it) – I love you guys!!!!



8 Responses to “Naughty babies!”

  1. LeAnn said

    WHAT!!??? We have to wait!!!! Hehehehe!! Just kidding- just trying to see what it felt like to be you when I was prego with Asher 🙂 That is a long time to wait, but seeing that I don’t have a choice, I guess I will wait patiently… or try. 🙂

  2. alexis said

    I was dying to know! Bad babies! lol. December 12 will be a long wait, but hopefully it will pass quick with the holidays. I hope my two flash us good on the 26th! 🙂

  3. lanielove1 said

    My OB is not referring to the peri unless there is something concerning either. That’s a pretty nice feeling, actually.

  4. Deanne said

    :::taps foot impaitently::: Is the scanner down at work Jeff? Don’t you know we are waiting for BO&GO’s pictures? lol, can’t wait!

  5. Jeff said

    Sorry to keep everyone waiting. I will have pictures up shortly. It’s been a very busy day.

  6. Stacy said

    Oh man – I was so curious! BoGo are just keeping us all in suspense.

  7. Kristy said

    Ugh! Babies!! Come on! Aunty wants to start buying you clothes!

    Or are you just trying to trick us, Kerry?? I think I’ve fallen for one of those before…

    Love you!

  8. jkmastera said

    I swear we don’t know anything, sis! You know I wouldn’t have been able to keep it from you and mom if we *did* know something, silly!

    Love you!

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