On pins and needles

November 4, 2008

I am not going to be able to sleep tonight until I know  who our next President is going to be.  Should make for an interesting day of work tomorrow, so to my co-workers, I apologize in advance!

Speaking of work, I’ve been doing far too much of it lately, and although I am so incredibly thankful that I have a job in this crapshoot of an economy, I’m tired as hell.  I haven’t taken a lunch break in over a week, and I don’t even take small breaks, other than to pee, fill up my water, or heat up my lunch these days either.  We have been so busy, and a little short-staffed (always), so my nerves have been running high, which is NOT good for the BoGo.  Today, I didn’t have time to eat my lunch.  I reheated it three times because it kept getting cold, as I was eating between phone calls and emails.  I cannot do that again, because I started getting really lightheaded, dizzy, and sick to my stomach – again, so not good for the babies.  So I will apologize to my co-workers once again when I say I’m going to start listening to my body like I should be doing, and eat and take little breaks when the twinkies tell me I need to.

Well, back to switching in between CNN and the local news stations – gooooooooo Obama (sorry, Dad)!!!!



5 Responses to “On pins and needles”

  1. Ann said

    Yay for Obama Mommas!

    Take care of yourself, Kerry. Don’t make me drive up to your work to feed you!

  2. alexis said

    Kerry! Take at least 20 minutes in your day to eat, close your eyes and slow down…work can wait, there’s nothing you can’t get to after 20-30 minutes of downtime. (ok…I’m off the lecture podium) 😉

  3. Cathy said

    Woot woot! You need some snacks that don’t need heating!

  4. shawnandlarissa said

    Take care of yourself! If nothing else, could you take some food to work with you so that you can eat without leaving your desk? I do that a lot.

  5. Porche said

    Good luck today! Do you get to find out the genders of BoGo today?? Lots of relaxation juju to you!

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