15 weeks today!!!

November 2, 2008

Mmmmmm, oranges!

Can you believe it?!?!?!?   The babies are now about 4 inches long, and their legs are finally longer than their arms – and all of their joints and limbs work.  Apparently, at 15 weeks, and even though their eyelids are still fused, they can sense light.  If I were to shine Jeff’s Maglight on my tummy, the babies would try to move away from the light, although I think that sounds a little mean, so I doubt we will try it.  I have been feeling flutters several times a day (they happen more often right after dinner, which is kind of weird…), so that’s good enough for me right now.  As a matter of fact, as I’ve been typing this, I’ve felt the little buggars once or twice.  Awwww!  BoGo’s taste buds are forming, and the little air sacs in their lungs are just beginning to develop.  We have another ultrasound on Thursday, and as long as the babies cooperate, the sonographer should be able to tell each of their genders – oh boy!!!!

Jeff took another bump pic this morning, and OMG – I’m getting B-I-G.  Aaaaand, I have gained FOUR pounds in two weeks, which puts me up 10 whole pounds – woooooo hoooooo!  Hopefully this means that I’m not going to get yelled at on Thursday for not gaining enough weight (I kind of got a “talking to” at my last appointment, and supplements were threatened). 

Sorry this entry is so short…I am exhausted, and I’m going to bed.  This whole time change thing screwed me up – but man, Jeff and I got A LOT of cleaning and organizing done today.  Until later!



4 Responses to “15 weeks today!!!”

  1. lauraandlee said

    Congrats on 15 weeks! I LOVE reading your posts and am SO happy for you guys…the process is so amazing and fun and hard and totally and completely worth it. Congrats again 🙂

  2. Stacy said

    I can’t wait until Thursday – hopefully BoGo will show you all they got!

  3. alexis said

    15 weeks! I hope you have exciting news on Thursday!

  4. Robin said

    That is so exciting!

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