Snoring, and acne, and babies – oh my!

October 30, 2008

I got the worst night of sleep EVER last night.  First of all, I went to bed waaaaaaaay too late (for someone who is supposed to be taking care of two babies), and then I just slept like complete shit.  Both Freddie (the big dog) and Jeff (the big husband) were snoring, so that made it hard to actually fall asleep.  Once I fell asleep, it was hard to stay asleep because my face hurt so damn bad (from the horrible acne breakouts I have on my chin and hairline).  I actually had to get up at 3:30 to relieve some of the pressure of a few of the culprits (sorry that’s so gross, but as you know, I’m an oversharer), and from there I just couldn’t fall back to sleep.  I kept dreaming of our babies – what they would look like, what genders they will be, will they have Jeff’s eyes, my lips, etc – and it literally kept me up all night (morning).  Finally, at 4:30 I just said “screw it”, and got up, took a shower, and headed into work.  If I’m going to be up, I may as well be getting paid for it!

In bigger, more important news, I’m fairly certain that I felt one, or both, of the babies moving around last night.  It was SO weird.  It felt like somebody was tickling me from the inside, but it only lasted a few seconds each time.  When I was lying awake thinking about my snoring dog and husband, my pizza face, and my babies, I just wanted them to move again because it was so cool.  I have waited a long ass time for that, and wow, I just can’t wait until I start feeling them more regularly!



12 Responses to “Snoring, and acne, and babies – oh my!”

  1. Angelika said

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! Bo and Go already gettin’ their groove on! LOVE IT!

  2. Ron S said

    Kerry you are so hilarious. I’m laughing my ass off right now. Great writing. Hang in there!

  3. Chrissy said

    Yay! Those first flutters are so amazing!

  4. Cathy said

    Kerry, I can’t believe you didn’t call me. You know I would have gotten up in the middle of the night to come help you pop pimples. Jeesh!

    Yay for flutters!

  5. Beth M said

    Awwwww!!!!!!!! The absolute best part of pregnancy that makes EVERYTHING worth it!!!! WHOOOO HOOO!!!!!!!

    BTW, I actually laughed out loud at “over sharer”.


  6. militarywifealways said

    Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep but so cool to feel the babies

  7. Lanie & Shane said

    So jealous that you’re getting flutters already. But I did catch up on the peeing my pants business today. Yeah me!!!

  8. Amanda said

    That is SO awesome you’re feeling the babies! I am so super happy for you and just wanted to say I saw all the other “drama” and appreciate your candor. I’m not on there much now, but I do check in on your blog from time to time!!!

  9. Kristy said

    Oh you poor thing 😦 But at least Bo and Go were trying to keep you entertained while you couldn’t sleep! How cool!

  10. Sean said

    Hola. Just wanted to stop by and catch up on all the details! Good times, CONGRATS to you both. Jeff always wanted a son named Art, see if that can be arranged, even if you have two girls. Hope you had a great time in vegas, I’ll see you at holiday time.


  11. Jenny said

    That is so exciting! Soon you will feel them all the time and to have two will make is 2x as exciting.

  12. This feeling is amazing and you can not match the excitement with anything else in the world.

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