We’re back! And holy cow – 14 weeks!!!!!

October 28, 2008

Wow, being away from the internet for a long weekend is weird.  I totally feel out of sorts, like I have no idea what’s really going on in the world, lame as that may sound.  Of course, part of that is probably because being in Vegas makes you feel like you’re in some alternate universe where “the real world” doesn’t really exist.  LOL!  We got in quite late last night (we had to pick up the dogs before we came home – thanks again to my other mom and dad for watching Rex and Freddie!), so the last thing I wanted to do was jump on the computer “real quick”.  So far this morning, I have been online “real quick” for about 2 hours, just catching up on email, Google Reader (if you haven’t discovered this yet, it’s the BEST way to keep up-to-date with all of your favorite blogs, check it out!), and several online message boards I belong to.  Quite a productive start to my day, I’d say!  I do have to say I am super glad I took today off work, because I am beat!  Vegas is a really hard place to be when you’re pregnant – it’s extremely tiring!  I was trying really hard to be a trooper, but yesterday I seriously thought I was going to die because I was so exhausted – I think BoGo will appreciate the “day off” today, although I have plans pretty much all afternoon…

We have officially (according to every pregnancy book out there) surpassed the first trimester!  Hip hip hooray!  I cannot believe it!  The babies are the size of lemons (about 3 1/2 inches each, from head to butt), and boy can I feel it!  My tummy is starting to balloon out, and it’s all hard and weird – I am actually starting to look pregnant, instead of just a little “fluffy”, which is fun.  I am learning to embrace my little bump, and Jeff is absolutely loving it – he likes to put his hand on his belly and “show off” the babies to everyone, including strangers – it’s just so great to see how genuinely excited and happy he is that this is happening.  Anyway, back to the babies.  =)  They can now make funny faces, and they might even be sucking their thumbs by now (by the way, their little hands and feet should be about a half inch long by now, isn’t that crazy?).  Brain impulses are allowing this to happen, and I can only imagine the facial expressions that our little ones are making (sticking out their tongues, frowning, etc).  We should be able to see a lot of movement at our next ultrasound appointment (November 6th), and I’m so incredibly excited to see them again.  I think when you struggle with trying to get pregnant for so long, you have a hard time attaching yourself to the fact that you’re pregnant when it does happen.  Finally, I am really starting to feel myself wanting to know more and more about the babies, and becoming more and more excited for them to make their appearance next spring.  It’s a great feeling.

And now for our Vegas trip recap – it was fantastic!  We met Kristy and Joel at the airport (their flight got in an hour before ours did), and they were already doing it Vegas-style – they were two margaritas and a breakfast burrito in by the time they met up with us!  We took a taxi to Bally’s, checked our luggage, and did some sightseeing for an hour, or so.  Then, we decided to head to In N Out Burger.  Mmmmmm, In N Out Burger.  For those of you who have never been there, you are missing out – I hadn’t been there in a little over three years, and it was just as delicious as I had remembered.  I had a Double Double with onions, fries, and a chocolate shake.  The babies liked it.  A lot.  Kristy and Joel were pretty impressed, too!

From there, we took a cab back to the strip and did more sightseeing, and a little bit of gambling “in Paris”.  Nobody won anything, but we had fun either way.  We went back to the hotel for a quick nap before dinner, and then we met up with one of my old college roommates, Steve, and his girlfriend, Valerie, at Caesar’s Palace, where we had dinner at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  Holy YUM.  It was AMAZING.  Probably one of the best dinners I have ever had (next to Buddakan in NYC) – AND – I got two delicious virgin peach daquiris, which made me feel not-so-out-of-place with everyone else drinking alcohol.  It was so great seeing an old friend (that I hadn’t seen since my 30th birthday, two and a half years ago), and finally meeting his beautiful girlfriend – we had a wonderful dinner, after which we headed to the Bellagio for some after-dinner drinks and conversation.  We went to the Fontana Bar, and sat out on the patio, which overlooks the fountains at the Bellagio.  We were there kind of late, so the fountains were going off every 15 minutes, and the view was spectacular (thanks to Val for scoring us that table)!













I’ll post about the rest of our trip later today (with more pictures).  I just wanted to give you all something to tide you over since you have been so patient!



7 Responses to “We’re back! And holy cow – 14 weeks!!!!!”

  1. Deanne said

    Holy cow I’m so jealous about that burger! Jeff and I drove all over Compton not realizing we were in one of the roughest parts of LA looking for an In N Out! Yay for the 2nd tri!

  2. Brenda said

    Sounds like it was a fun trip!

  3. alexis said

    I haven’t had an In and Out in years! My mouth watered just looking at the photo! Sounds like a great trip and congrats on the 2nd tri!

  4. Sara said

    Glad you had a great trip!!!

  5. Molly said

    I’d even jump off the veggie wagon for a pregnant in n out burger…

  6. Ron S said

    Sweet trip! Vegas is awesome!

    Is it okay for guys to read your postings and reply or is this just a girl thing?

    Lastly, why am I having a hard time eating fruit?

  7. Kristy said

    Mmmmmm…..in and out burger! I’d fly to Vegas again just to go there – if only we had any money left!

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