Happy 1st birthday, Asher!!!

October 28, 2008

Happy 1st birthday to my favorite little nephew!!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my nephew made his (surprise) grand entrance into this world!  It’s been so fun watching him grow up, but if he could slow it down a little bit, I would really appreciate it (as I’m sure your mom and dad would, too)!  It’s so cliche saying that “they grow up really fast”, so it’s just so true!  I wanted to commemorate today by giving you all a “then and now” look at my adorable little nephew (and I would like to apologize in advance for making my sister-in-law, LeAnn, cry…again).

Then (picture taken about two minutes after he was born)…

Now (picture taken about two hours shy of a year later)…

I still remember the day Asher was born…we had a couples shower for Jeff’s brother, Marty, and LeAnn, the night before – so when Marty called to tell us that they were in the hospital, and it was “for real” this time, we were both really surprised.  LeAnn wasn’t due for another 4 weeks, so it was pretty early.  By the time we got to the hospital, it was almost too late – LeAnn had just gotten the epidural, which explains why she didn’t care if I stayed in the delivery room to watch (you gotta catch ’em while they’re drugged up, LOL).  Watching Ash being born was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and seeing the new family together for the first time only solidified the fact that I really wanted to be a mommy.  I’m so excited to finally have that experience!



6 Responses to “Happy 1st birthday, Asher!!!”

  1. Kristy said

    Ah! He is SUCH a cutie pie! Congrats to Marty and LeAnn and happy first birthday to Asher!

  2. Angelika said

    So cute! They do grow up too fast. 😦 (But then they start sleeping through the night, so its a total trade off!) LOL.

  3. Noell said

    Awww…he’s a cutie! Happy Birthday little guy!

  4. Stacy said

    He is adorable…isn’t it great being an Aunt?

  5. Molly S. said

    Awww… Asher you are so adorable!! Happy Birthday.

  6. LeAnn said

    snif, snif, snif 🙂
    Thanks for sharing his birth-day and his birthday with us!!

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