13 weeks today!!!

October 19, 2008

What a milestone!  The 13th week is the last week in the first trimester, which means that our chances of a miscarriage after this week are SIGNIFICANTLY reduced.  Thank God.  For me, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone between when we found out I was pregnant to this very moment.  It’s crazy.  I still have lots of days and instances when I cannot believe that this is happening, and I’m finally able to actually enjoy being pregnant, as most of the nausea is gone now (I still get waves every so often).

The little ones are the size of a peach (mmmmm, peaches), and there really isn’t much going on this week.  Vocal chords and teeth are forming, and they already have their own unique little fingerprints now.  Their bodies are now starting to catch up with their ginormous heads, and they should each weigh around an ounce.

Jeff is now in SERIOUS nesting mode, although I don’t really think he likes that term.  LOL!  One of the reasons there hasn’t been an update since Thursday is because he has been reconfiguring the office (future office/spare bedroom), so the wireless internet has been unavailable for the last two days.  I feel so disconnected from the world!

We went to Target on Friday night to get some storage/shelving units and a new lamp for the office part of the spare bedroom, and it’s coming along quite nicely.  I’m thinking that we will need to paint, as the office is painted a dark steel grey color, and it doesn’t really match the bedding we have for our guest bed.  I know Jeff is bummed that I’m getting rid of another “piece of him” (he picked out the color after a lot of debate with me four years ago), but I know that he knows that it will be a better color for the room.  I’m thinking of doing one (or two) walls a deep chocolate brown, and the other two walls a more neutral light brown or beige color.  Depending on the genders of BoGo, I may carry that neutral color into their bedroom, too.  We’ll see.  Just a few more weeks!

Saturday afternoon was heavenly for me.  I had both a haircut and highlight (which I desperately needed) and an hour-long prenatal massage.  I hadn’t seen my stylist since a few days before we found out I was pregnant, and I felt like complete crap that day, so it was nice to be feeling good, and be able to gossip with her like always.  I got some subtle highlights in my hair, and then some warmer lowlights (not the darker that I had been doing), and about an inch cut from the length, and it looks fantastic.  I love Alex – she’s the BEST!  Jeff met me after my appointment, and we went to lunch and then went stroller browsing.  Talk about being overwhelmed!!!  We went to two places, and at the second store we found exactly what we want…only it’s almost $500.  The good news about it is that it can be used from birth up to when each child is 40 lbs, so it will last us a while, but the bad news is we do not have $500.  I think we are going to continue to look around, and hopefully find last year’s model for a discounted rate.  Anyway, it was fun to finally feel like we are “safe” to be preparing for two babies.  =)  Later in the afternoon, and thanks to my awesome sister-in-law (who gave me a gift card), I had a prenatal massage.  It was just what the doctor ordered, and I still feel fantastic today!  The massage therapist told me that I was really, really tight – especially in my neck, arms, shoulders, and upper back – and I felt it as she was working the knots out.  I left there feeling like a whole new woman, came home, and crashed out for about 45 minutes. 

Last night, Jeff and I went to a bar/restaurant to celebrate our friend, Ryan’s, 30th birthday.  It was a really good time, and it was awesome to see some old friends.  I feel bad that I didn’t really talk much with the birthday boy, but I did talk to the girls about all things baby, which was awesome.  These girls have had children for a while now (Jaime and Cami have almost-two-year-olds, and Kari’s daughter will be one next month), and I’ve never been able to participate in any conversation about babies with them before, which always made me jealous and really sad.  Last night was different though – I felt like one of them.  And man, did it feel good!  I lasted until 10:30, which is more than I can say for my husband, who started yawning at about 9!  I think he was just really tired from all of the hard work he did in the office yesterday!



12 Responses to “13 weeks today!!!”

  1. Sara said

    I’m so glad the first trimester is almost done for you!!! That is so cool that BOGO already has fingerprints!

  2. shawnandlarissa said

    I would register for the stroller. Some of your family might get together and buy it for you.

  3. Angelika said

    Yes – um, perhaps register for the stroller. You know that you are going to get SPOILED out the ying yang at your shower. Never know what might turn up!

  4. lilcyndiluwho said

    WOOT WOOT Bo&Go for graduating from the first trimester!!

  5. Kristy said

    Sounds like an AWESOME day! I am SO happy for you – finally getting to be a part of mommy-talk! I bet that felt incredible as I know you waited a long time for it!

    I can’t wait to see your new color next weekend -I’m sure you look fantastic! And I agree with above – register for the stroller – that’s what shower’s are for! Especially when you are having TWO babies!

    Love, sis

  6. Kristy said

    PS – my old boss would kill me. Could I put anymore exclamation points in my comment before?! I’m just SO darn excited for you and Jeff (and selfishly, me!) – I can’t help it!!!!!

  7. Auntie Barb said

    As I have said before, I don’t know diddly about pregnancies, but massages – that is a different story. Be sure to ask LeAnn, but after you have massages ( I get 2 per month), be sure to drink a lot of water. This gets rid of the toxins, etc. that have been released by the massare. When I get back to Fountain Hills, I’ll ask Theresa her advice. She is the best and her son and his wife are also having twins.

    Live to all four of you.
    Auntie Barb

  8. Molly said

    Congrats on week 13!! WeeMo misses yummy peach season :(.

  9. alexis said

    Yeah 13 weeks! Car Seats and Strollers can be VERY overwhelming. I would register for the stroller. You may get people going in together for it or gift cards you can use towards it. Will you get a discount on registry items not purchased? I know some places will give you a one time discount purchase for items left over. Just a thought…

  10. Ann said

    Kerry, register for the stroller. Also, did you know about Babies R Us’ “twin discount?” If you purchase two of an item that is over $100 (like two bassinettes, two highchairs, two sets of bedding, etc.), then you get 10% off. Speaking from personal experience, very little bit of savings helps when you’re having twins!

  11. Kari said

    Saturday night was fun!! I’m so glad you could finally take part in the mommy talks!! Can’t wait to do it again! 🙂

  12. Kresha said

    Strollers are really good baby shower gifts!!!!
    Congrats on making it throught the first trimester, I am soooooo excited for you guys.

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