All better

October 15, 2008

After my minor freak out that lasted ALL night last night (VERY sleepless night, Jeff said I was twitching and tossing around in my sleep), I think I’m all better today.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a little freaked out that in 6 short months we will have two little ones that will be depending on us for everything.  But, Jeff and a group of close friends really helped me to put my mind at ease.  We’ll be fine.  I think that if we can get through three years of infertility, with our marriage not only still intact, but stronger than ever – we can do just about anything!

We have our NT scan tomorrow, and we’re both so damn excited to see BoGo again so soon – I cannot WAIT to see how big they’ve gotten, and see them bouncing around the screen – squeeeeeeeee!  I know they will ask if we want their “guess” at what the genders are tomorrow, and we have decided not to find out this soon.  We will get their guesses, which are more likely to be accurate a few weeks from now, at our 15 week appointment on November 6th.  But – you will all have to wait, as will Jeff and I.  We have decided to have the u/s tech write down the genders on a piece of paper, and seal it in an envelope, and we will open that envelope when we are with our family at Thanksgiving.  How fun is that?  I know it’s not as “grand” or exciting as being surprised the day our babies are born, but we got a big enough surprise finding out that there are babies instead of a baby, so there ya go.

I am going to a cloth diapering demo at a friend’s house tomorrow night, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I know a lot of people think I’m crazy for considering cloth diapering (even Jeff), but it’s something I feel really strongly about, and want to at least try it at some point.  And I swear if one more person tells me that I’m either (a) crazy for considering it or (b) I can’t do it, I’m going to kick them in the shins.  Honestly, I liken it to someone telling me I’m going to be a failure as a parent, so if you are one of the people who doesn’t think I (we) can do it, just do me a favor and keep your damn mouth shut.  Thank you (in my nicest, most sarcastic tone).  =)

I don’t know if I’ll have time to update the blog tomorrow, but I’ll see if Jeff can scan in the new ultrasound pics sometime during the afternoon, so you all have something to look at.  We’re also going to try to videotape part of the ultrasound for the first time, but I’m not quite sure how that will work since we only have my camera to videotape, and the quality isn’t outstanding.  Either way, I hope to have either new pics or a video (or both) of BoGo for your viewing pleasure tomorrow.  Wish us luck!



11 Responses to “All better”

  1. Kiane said

    Good luck tomorrow!! I can’t wait to hear about it! And I say good for you for wanting to try out the cloth diapering thing 🙂

  2. Brenda said

    Yay! How exciting. Good luck today!

  3. Lanie said

    I didn’t know you wanted to do CDing. Me too! I wish I’d known about your demo. You’ll have to fill me in on what you learned.

    Good luck at the NT scan. I’ll be sending good non-jumping bean thoughts your way . . .

  4. Ron S said

    I think you’re crazy for doing the cloth diaper thing…lol I had to write that.

    The Thankgiving “Opening of the Envelope” idea is awesome!

  5. Auntie Barb said

    Of cousre at my age, the only thing I knew was cloth diapers until my boss had me take care of her 2 week old baby at work. She started out to a board meeting and I told her she could not go until she showed me how to put on a “paper” diaper LOL. Good luck today. I’m looking forward to seeing the video.

  6. Felicia said

    I know you already know this, but people have to find out what works for them… I wish others would just keep their mouths shut.

    I can’t tell you how many people told me I was crazy for wanting to birth without an epidural, but you know what people? It’s MY BODY and MY BABY and you don’t hear me telling you that you’re crazy for your decisions. Jeez! We are all just doing the best we can with what we have.

    *steps off soapbox*

    ps. I totally believe in your ability to cloth diaper! It’s really not as hard as it sounds. We switched when DS was 6 months old and never looked back. In retrospect I wonder why we didn’t switch sooner. I think because I was overwhelmed by all the choices.

  7. Beth M said

    Hey girl! I too, totally support you in whatever diaper choice you decide to go with. If you ever want advice on doing cloth, you know I’m here for you and can even help out with some stash if you want. Or, if you decide to go with sposies after all, that’s cool too! Either way, if your children’s butts are dry, you’re not a failure. 😉

    Please call me, I’m dying to talk to you.

  8. Cathy said

    You’re NEVER going to be able to CD 2 babies! NEVER! (Did that work?) Seriously, if it’s all you ever know (just like with having 2), you won’t know any different. Plus, once you buy some cute fluff, it’s hard to put boring scratchy diapers on them again! (If I give Owen a choice between any diapers, he ALWAYS chooses his super soft organic velour one. Can you blame him?)

  9. Kristy said

    Oh boy, oh boy! I CAN’T WAIT unitl Thanksgiving!!

    Love you! sis

  10. Andrea said

    My husband wants us to use cloth diapers but I am very hesitant so I would love your thoughts on this or if you have any good resources? We are only having one baby so I can’t even imagine the cleaning that would have to be done with two little ones.

  11. Kresha said

    I am pretty sure that this wont be the only time you freak out about having two. After the babies are born and they are kicking you out of the hospital and your on your own its pretty scary but there is no right or wrong way!! You and Jeff will be amazing parents and all that love you give them will go a long way. Everything will be just fine.
    As far as the cloth diaper think, you might be crazy. No I am just kidding, there are a lot of really good services out there and it would be environmentally wize because you will go through a lot of diapers girlfriend!!

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