Beer festival pictures

October 14, 2008

Probably the last thing you would be expecting on a blog dedicated to IVF and being pregnant with twins, but here are some pictures from the Great American Beer Festival that we went to last weekend:

First, my beautiful little sister and I –

Here’s one of the four of us – Jeff, me, Kristy, and her husband, Joel –

And here’s one of Joel with Zane Lamprey, the host of the TV show “Three Sheets” –

How cool would it be to host a TV show where all you did was travel the world and drink?  He is a lucky, lucky man – and extremely friendly and cool, too!



7 Responses to “Beer festival pictures”

  1. Megan S said

    Looks like it was a great time! You look awesome, btw!! Glowing, simply glowing!

  2. Jeff said

    Just in case anyone is wondering, that is either Ginger Ale, strawberry soda or maybe orange cream soda in Kerry’s red cup. Kerry, being the DD, had the pleasure of getting all the soda she could drink.

  3. jkmastera said

    No honey, I brought a flask of Kettle One that I was adding to my cream soda – I figured the babies needed little kicks in their butts! =)

  4. Felicia said

    Oooh, I love that show! That’s cool you got to meet the host. Now you can tell the babies that they’ve been there, done that, and they can’t go back until they’re at least 21. 🙂

  5. Brenda said

    You and your sister are too cute! It looks like it was a great time. And how fun that you got to meet the host of Three Sheets! I love that show!

  6. Ryan said


    Just remember: You are drinking for 4! Hope you all enjoyed the Beer Fest!

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