12 weeks today!!!

October 12, 2008

Our babies are the size of plums today!  I seriously cannot believe I’m 12 weeks pregnant already!  Hell, I still can’t believe I’m actually pregnant at all most of the time!  We are so damn lucky.  This week, our babies start having real reflexes – their hands and fingers will wiggle, their toes will curl and straighten back out, their eyes will clench shut and open back up again, and they will start making sucking movements with their little mouths.  So cool!  All of the books and websites I’ve been on say that if I poke my tummy, the babies will respond by moving around, although I won’t be able to feel anything (I just cannot wait for that!). 

The babies also starting to look a little less alien-like, and a little more like babies – their eyes move from the side of their heads, to the front where they belong (whew!), and their ears are right where they should be.  Their intestines will move from being crowded into their umbilical cords to their abdominal cavities, and their kidneys will start excreting urine into their bladders. 

This is what two babies look like in the womb at 12 weeks:

I’m starting to feel a little better, especially during the day, and I’m really hoping that the worst of it (the nausea) is over with.  I know others who are unlucky enough to be sick throughout their entire pregnancy, and I (really selfishly) hope that I’m not one of those unlucky women.  I am still extremely tired all.the.time, but I think that’s because there are two babies in there, and not just one.  I can deal with being tired though, no biggie.  I actually had to take a little break yesterday at the Beer Festival, only because my feet were KILLING me (and I was wearing my Danskos – my feet NEVER hurt in my Danskos)!  Speaking of which, I will post a few pictures of the GABF later – my sister actually took the pictures on her camera, and they are on the road back to Omaha, so you will have to wait!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday – I am going out this morning to meet a group of girlfriends for brunch, and couldn’t be more excited for a little girl time (sorry Jeff)!



6 Responses to “12 weeks today!!!”

  1. Cathy said

    Have they shrunk? Aren’t plums smaller than limes? Were those key limes?

  2. Angelika said

    I am going to upload the pictures I took of your food tonight – I will email them to you so Jeff can see what a fabulous job you did feeding Bo and Go today!

    Mmmmmm…apple crepes.

  3. Peggy said

    Happy 1st Trimester!!! 12 Weeks – Yea! Yea! Hope you fed the little ones well at the brunch; and had a good time. Love, Mom

  4. Beth M said

    I can’t believe you are already 12 weeks!!! I am sooooo happy for you and happy to hear you’re feeling better! Give me a ring sometime and let me take you out to dinner or something.

    Love you!

  5. alexis said

    congrats on 12 weeks! how time fly’s, huh?

  6. Molly said

    I can’t freaking believe you are 12 weeks buddy!!! Holy crap! I love your little BoGo plums 🙂

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