11 weeks today!

October 5, 2008

Another week, another weekly update!  Our babies are the size of limes now – can you believe it!?!?!  I remember when my friend, Molly, was updating me that her little one was the size of a lime (before we were pregnant), and I wondered if we would ever have a baby “the size of a lime” and now we have TWO!  Crazy.

The babies are almost fully formed now – their hands will soon be opening and closing into tiny little fists (I can’t wait to see that on the ultrasound screen), and their bones are beginning to harden.  They are even getting little tooth buds underneath their gums!  We should be able to see both babies kicking and stretching the next time we see them, and I’ve read it looks like they’re doing water aerobics because of all of the fluid surrounding their little bodies.  Cute!

I was really excited to weigh myself today, because I’ve been doing a lot better at eating more, and eating more calories, fat, protein, etc.  Yeah.  I gained one pound from the last time I weighed myself two weeks ago, so I’m only up 4 pounds from when we first found out I was pregnant.  Wonderful.  So…tonight Jeff and I went grocery shopping and stocked up on higher calorie, higher fat good.  It was weird.  I got new stuff to make my protein smoothies with because I’m getting kind of sick of fruit smoothies, so hopefully those will help pile on the pounds.  Hmmm, never thought I would be saying that, but I know that it’s best for my babies that I gain more weight than I would normally be comfortable with.



5 Responses to “11 weeks today!”

  1. lanielove1 said

    Hey buddy! How sad is it that I saw that lime and went, ummm, margaritas? So sad. Although, I believe there is nothing evil in margarita mix. : )

  2. ischwab said

    How can you be 11 weeks already?? Time is flying!

  3. Molly said

    Awwww – aren’t lime babies fun? I bought two at the grocery store yesterday… I’ll say hi to Bo and Go before I squeeze them into mexican food oblivion!

  4. Beth M said

    YAY!!! Every time you post an update like this it makes me so happy for you!!!

  5. Kristy said

    OMG – I can’t believe you have limes already!! I am so happy for you two and can’t wait to see the next ultrasound pics!!

    Love, sis

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