Well damn.

September 25, 2008

I thought since I was past 9 weeks now that I was exempt from being any sicker than I have been…that it was too late to feel any worse.  Wrong.  To date, I haven’t thrown up yet…but…I have a feeling that is going to change today.  I feel like absolute crap today, and have that lump in my throat that is usually indicative of a massive amount of vomit getting ready to come out.  Ewwww.

I am thinking that I may need to call my new OB and ask them for a prescription for Zofran so that I don’t let this rule my days (if it lasts longer than today), but part of me feels like I’m admitting defeat if I call.  I thought I could handle this, but now I’m not so sure…



7 Responses to “Well damn.”

  1. Erica said

    Oh, yuck! I hope that you feel better soon and get some relief ASAP!

  2. Molly said

    You are NOT admitting defeat. Let yourself be comfortable because (especially with twins) you’re going be feeling lots of discomforts in your body, so might as well not be in total misery if there is something you can do. If she’ll let you take it – you’ll be so happy you made the call.

  3. Robin said

    I am sorry you aren’t feeling well. The zofran will help. I would definitely call. I got really sick around the same time and zofran was great. I hope you feel better soon! Take care and I look forward to see you tomorrow!

  4. Kristin said

    Take all the relief you can! Medical advances are there to make your life better.

    I hope you feel better soon. Morning sickness is the worst.

  5. Cyndi said

    Definately call. Better to make it go away ASAP and be happy than potentially live with it for 7 more months fending off defeat. UGH… I hope you get some relief soon.

  6. Angelika said

    I can’t say it enough. If they will let you have it…TAKE the Zofran.

    Follow with a Colace chaser. Don’t ask, just do it. You will thank me later.

  7. Sara Dingman said

    Do it. You are working hard enough with 2 babies in there! Take all the help you can get!

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