Weekend update

September 21, 2008

In the words of the Dave Matthews Band, I have “So Much to Say”…it’s been a looooooong weekend!

I’ve been ridiculously tired this last week, sometimes not making it up past 8 p.m., which is a new record for me.  Those little kiddos are sucking the energy right out of me!  And no wonder…

The little ones are now the size of green olives – mmmmmmm, dirty martinis.  The 9th week marks the exciting transition from embryo to FETUS – we have two fetuses!!!  I cannot tell you how damn excited I am for our next ultrasound on October 7th, because after 9 weeks, these little olives start to look less like blobs, and more like real babies!  Both of their little hearts have finished dividing into four chambers, and their heart valves have started to form.  The best news this week?  Their embryonic “tails” are gone!!!  Their extinguishable sex organs are finally “there”, but it’s pretty impossible to distinguish if they are boys and girls quite yet – that happens in a few more weeks.  The babies’ eyelids are fully formed, but their eyes remain fused shut until around 27 weeks, and their earlobes, nose, mouth, and nostrils are more prominent.  Finally, the placenta is developed enough to take over producing hormones so that these babies can continue to grow at mock speeds.  It all seems so surreal!

I’ve updated the bump gallery with a new 9 week picture, and holy cow have I grown!  A few of our friends at Jeff’s birthday party last night commented on how “cute” my little bump is, and I just can’t believe I finally have one.  I’ve wanted this for so long…every time I look in the mirror, I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that it’s REALLY HAPPENING.  Holy crap.  I also think that if I already have a bump now…I’m going to be HUGE in a few months!

This weekend has been pretty great – my mom got here on Friday night, and when she got to the house, the first thing she did was look at my growing belly – no “hello”, no “hiya, cutie” – just a nice long look at the belly.  It was hilarious, but only because that’s what EVERYONE has been doing lately!  Why should there be any exceptions when we’re talking about my mom?  LOL!  We visited for a while waiting for Jeff to get home, and then we all went to BJ’s to have dinner.  I was The babies were STARVING, so I had a wedge salad and a prime rib French dip – mmmmm, while my mom had her old standby, pizza, and Jeff had the patty melt.  It was a great dinner!  We got home, and I impressed my mom by actually staying up and talking until 10 p.m.!  Oh yeah, and I just had to show off what Kristy (my sis) sent me from her last trip to NYC…

Mom and I got up early in the morning, and hit up the farmer’s market at Southlands Mall, where we found lots of amazing, fresh produce – I have discovered that pregnancy finds me craving cold, fresh fruit, and the nectarines, peaches, and blueberries we picked up have really hit the spot!  We sampled some crepes from a local bistro at the farmer’s market, so we decided that crepes were the way to go for breakfast.  OMG, they were DELICIOUS.  I had a nutella, banana, and chocolate crepe, and mom had a strawberry and whipped cream cheese crepe drizzled with cream cheese.  We shared (when I saw how good my mom’s looked, I couldn’t resist).  The waitress gave us a comment card, and I filled it out – and when I was done, mom took it from me and wrote in under the “Were you here for a special occasion” – Yes, we were celebrating my daughter’s twins!  How cute is that?

Then we went shopping for Jeff’s big birthday bash, and when we got home, mom really helped me to clean up and prep all the food for the party, which was nice, since I didn’t get a nap all day long.  A few hours before the party, Jeff’s mom and dad came over, and Sue was loaded with gifts for the mother-to-be (don’t worry, Jeff already got his birthday gift)!  She bought me several maternity outfits, including a dress for me to wear to Jeff’s cousin’s wedding in a couple of weeks – all were super cute, and totally my style, so “thanks, other mom”!  Of course I will post pics when I actually put on a dress since most of you haven’t seen me in one…

Jeff’s brother, his wife, and our nephew came over shortly before the party, and LeAnn came bearing gifts – both for “Jeff”, but two of the gifts were really more for me and the babies…

If you can’t read the shirt Jeff is wearing, it reads “Real Men Make Twins”, and on the back it says “BOGO” – how cute is that?!?!?!  The onesies from LeAnn are my favorite…so freakin’ cute!  And so small!  I can’t wait to put them on our little ones!

Jeff’s party was a success – and I think I’m safe to say that my husband had a blast, as he ended the night by getting sick on our deck.  Oy.  I think he probably got the hard-core partying out of his system, because this morning he felt truly horrible for getting so drunk, saying “it’s ridiculous to get so wasted, I’m thirty years old for God’s sake”.  We had a great group of friends come over, and I can’t thank everyone enough for showing up to celebrate my husband’s big day!  Thanks to our friends, Ryan and Jaime, for showing up with gifts for BoGo (and me!) and to our friends, Tyler and Kari, for sending gifts for BoGo (and me again!) with Jaime, as they couldn’t come.  Ryan and Jaime got me a bottle of pear sparkling cider, along with two ADORABLE onesies(the one on the left says “genius in the making” and the one on the right says “new in town” – how CUTE!)…

And Tyler and Kari gave us (me) the CUTEST picture frame and two of the softest little rattles I’ve ever felt…

Thanks to our friends, Josh (Jeff’s BFF and our best man), and his girlfriend, Peyton, for helping me with Jeff, and also helping me clean up the house a little bit.  Our friend Kip also helped clean up, and that was a big help, too.  I actually stayed up until almost 2 o’clock in the morning, which means I was up for almost 20 hours straight.  Holy poop!  As Jeff said, “I was a trooper”!

This “trooper” slept pretty much all day today, and I seriously feel like I’m still “hungover” (don’t worry, I didn’t drink anything other than sparkling water last night).  I don’t think I’m going to try to stay up that late again anytime soon…and with that, I’m signing off for the night!



2 Responses to “Weekend update”

  1. alexis said

    Whew! What an update! I seriously have to have a pair of those BO GO onsies. Please tell!

  2. Kristy said

    I’m glad Jeff’s birthday party was a success! Wish we could have been there!!

    And LOVE Jeff’s t-shirt – how funny and so him!

    How cute is mom? She is SO excited – I’m glad you guys got to spend some quality time together but am sad I couldn’t be there too! Maybe someday soon…

    Love you! sis

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