What a big day!

September 16, 2008

Let me start by saying this…

Happy 30th birthday, Jeff!!!!!!

I cannot believe that you’re FINALLY 30 – it seems like just a few months ago when I met you at work (when you had just turned 22), and I just can’t believe how far we’ve come since then.  Who would have ever thought you would marry the girl you couldn’t stand, and who would have ever thought I would get the guy I had my eye on for months?  I am so thankful that you came into my life when you did…sometimes it’s hard to think of what my life would be like right now if I had followed the same path I was on when we first met.  Scary.  Now with five years of marriage under our belt, and the last three spent struggling with infertility, I can safely say that I really do think we can conquer anything that comes our way!  Twins?  Psssh.  No biggie!  I love you so much, punky – and cannot WAIT until I can finally make you a daddy!  Happy birthday!!!!!

Our ultrasound couldn’t have gone any better!  Bo and Go were both measuring on track – Baby A (Bo) was measuring 8 weeks, with a heartrate of 168, and Baby B (Go) was measuring 8 weeks, 1 day, with a heartrate of 164.  We got to hear both babies’ heartbeats again, and it was just about the coolest thing ever.  I didn’t cry this time, but I had the biggest cheesey grin on my face the whole time.  I asked the ultrasound tech how they could tell which one was Baby A and which one was Baby B, and her answer was kind of interesting.  They always refer to the baby closest to the cervix as “Baby A”.  This way, we won’t get them confuzzled.  =) 

Today was a big day for us – GRADUATION DAY from the RE.  We finally get to go to a regular old OB, just like a regular old pregnant couple…who would have ever thought?!  This afternoon, I also got the news that we get to stop the PIO injections (which means no more setting our alarms for 6 a.m. on the weekends) – YIPEE!!!!!  My progesterone level was 148 today (they like to see it over 40 for twin pregnancies) without having taken the injection this morning, so that’s fantastic.  I had brought a syringe full of PIO to work just in case we had to continue with the injections, and when I found out we didn’t, I joyfully squirted that nasty shit (sorry Mom) stuff into my work trash can and shouted out a little “woo hoo”!  No more bruised and lumpy butt!

The highlight of my day was giving both our RE, Dr. Swanson, and our embryologist, Sherri, big hugs to thank them for finally giving us the chance to be parents!  I got to talk to two of the IVF nurses I worked with over the phone, and they thanked me for being such a great patient, and made me promise to bring the babies in when they are born.  They said that once couples get pregnant, that they tend to be forgotten about…how could I ever forget about the important crew of nurses, doctors, and staff who made Jeff and I’s dreams come true?!?!?  You better believe we’ll be back for show-and-tell!

We’ll update the blog later tonight or tomorrow once we scan in the new ultrasound pictures – you all will not believe how big our little “raspberries” are now!



9 Responses to “What a big day!”

  1. lanielove1 said

    Happy Bday Jeff! Kerry – your comments about your marriage seriously made me burst into tears! Shane’s now worried about me. Thanks. : )

    So glad to hear that Bo & Go are doing so great. Sugar and Spice are really excited to hang out with their “o” buddies in April.

  2. Ann said

    Congratulations on such a great appointment! Happy Birthday, Jeff!

  3. Cathy said

    Congrats and Happy Birthday!

    Do Bo and Go change positions in relation to the cervix, or is it which is attached closer? I’d hate for them to have identity issues at such a tender age.

    Happy Graduation!

  4. Kari said

    Happy B-day Jeff!! Glad that Bo and Go are doing well! See you soon!

  5. Noell said

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

    So glad that you had such a great appointment! Can I put my bets on you have twin girls?!

  6. Noell said

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

    So glad that you had such a great appointment! Can I put my bets on you having twin girls?!

  7. Kristy said

    Hope you had a great b-day, Jeff!

    Congrats to both of you on your graduation! I’m glad my nieces or nephews or niece and nephew are doing so well! And I’m so glad you are done with those mean shots, sis!

    Love you!

  8. Porche said

    Happy Birthday, Jeff! Happy Graduation!

  9. Erica said

    Happy Birthday Jeff! And Happy Graduation Day!!! Congratulations guys!

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