8 weeks today!

September 14, 2008

It doesn’t seem possible that I’m over halfway through the first trimester, does it?  Crazy.  Anyway, the babies are now the size of a raspberry, and in honor of that, I bought a pint of raspberries today and enjoyed them with some sparkling water – YUM!!!

This week, webbed fingers and toes are poking out of the little hands and feet on both of our kiddos, and their eyes are almost completely covered by eyelids now.  Breathing tubes extend from their throats to their developing lungs, and their “tails” (ewwww) are almost gone – thank God!  We already have two “kids” with tails, LOL!  Jeff and I don’t really have any feelings either way on the babies’ genders, but it wouldn’t matter anyway, because their external genitals haven’t developed enough to determine if they will be little boys, little girls, or one of each.  We cannot WAIT to find out though!  This is what the little ones look like right now inside my uterus..

I’ve had kind of a rough weekend.  I haven’t felt the best, but more than being sick, I’m so damn tired I can barely think straight.  I’m normally a person who likes to get up early on the weekends to get stuff around the house done (before Jeff wakes up), but lately I’ve been getting up to do the PIO injection at 6 a.m. and just vegging on the couch until I fall asleep.  I feel so worthless and unproductive!  Last night, we went to one of Jeff’s co-worker’s housewarming parties, and I was EXHAUSTED by 9:30 (this after sleeping for some of the morning, and most of the afternoon), so we had to leave.  I’m usually the one who wants to stay late, but not anymore.  Jeff said he didn’t mind, but I still feel bad for wanting to leave when I know he was having a good time (I guess if he would have gone by himself, he wouldn’t have had a designated driver and wouldn’t have been able to drink 6 beers last night).

I’m also getting just a tiny bit nervous about our ultrasound coming up this Tuesday (which is also Jeff’s big 30th birthday).  I told Jeff yesterday that a part of me is a little scared that both babies won’t be there when we go in for the ultrasound.  Jeff and I joke around, calling our little ones our “little parasites”   (because they are sucking all of the energy and nutrients right out of me, LOL), but we are pretty attached to the thought of having twins.  I know if something were to happen, we would still get the end result that we have wanted for so long (one beautiful baby), but I would definitely be upset that they both didn’t make it.  I know I’m getting ahead of myself, and I know that both babies are probably totally fine, so I will just stop it – and if you hear me freaking out about this, just smack me, I deserve it.  =)



4 Responses to “8 weeks today!”

  1. Felicia said

    Can I have the hubris to say that although I know it’s a cliche, please try to appreciate the rest you can get now since you won’t have time for it after the babies are born? (I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times already.)Because when I was pregnant with my son, I remember feeling the same way – that I was unproductive and generally worthless for laying around so much. And it kind of irritated me…

    But oh how the times have changed. Now, with this pregnancy, I wish so hard that I could actually lay around and be unproductive and generally worthless!! I look upon those days with fond memories.

    So don’t beat yourself up about it too much. If there’s nothing else I learned throughout the whole pregnancy and birth, it was to trust my body. And even though it’s hard to accept mentally, what you need right now is to listen to your body – lay around and let your body devote all its energy to building those babies!!

  2. Tara said

    Ummm….should I be heading down in the morning in a couple of weeks so that you don’t fall asleep on me? 🙂

  3. Stacy said

    I love seeing the photos of how big the babies are! I will be thinking of you on Tuesday and I am sure your u/s “will be just fine”. I go in and see Dr. S on Thursday. Do you know when you will graduate to your OB?

  4. Deanne said

    I’m catching up here but I’m lol at “parasites”. I had an OB tell me that my baby was a parasite and that it was taking everything it needed from me and I needed to eat healthy for myself at that time. He went on to say that it wasn’t until breastfeeding that you are really eating for 2. Pretty blunt but dead on. You are so cute K!

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