Another Clothing Travesty?

September 8, 2008

While there may not be a market for Daddy Duds and the Gut Gripper, there has to be a market for twins.  I am finding little to go off of on the internet, so maybe there is a gap in this market as well?  Now I don’t mean your every day baby clothes option, I am looking for items like the ones below.  I don’t want our kids running around in the same clothes as everyone else’s kids, I want something unique, clever, funny, etc.


I know it’s still a little early, but can’t a guy be excited for his future twins crawling\walking\running around the house?

p.s. We’ve added a “bump gallery” (above), so you all can watch my wife’s sexy (at least I think so), ever-expanding waistline.  We started with a 7 week photo, and will update every few weeks, or so.



3 Responses to “Another Clothing Travesty?”

  1. Kristy said

    Hmmm…daddy duds and twinszies sound like a great business venture. Need a buyer?!

    I’m so happy for you two and miss you and wish I could be there every minute! I just finished catching up on the blog and alternately crying like a baby and laughing hysterically in my hotel room. The person in the room next to me must think I am a crazy!

    Just want you to know I think of the four(!!) of you all of the time even though I don’t get to read your blog every day. Now that I am caught up, I think I will make reading it my daily 15 minute “smoke break” at work 🙂

    Love you tons! XOXO sis

  2. lauraandlee said

    OMG, I love that copy/paste set!!!

  3. alexis said

    So cute….love the 1of2 2of2. I want a set!

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