7 Weeks today!

September 7, 2008

We are officially halfway through the (scary) first trimester, and just hit the 7 week mark today!  Our babies, affectionately named “Bo” (Baby A) and “Go” (Baby B) are now the size of blueberries, or about a half inch each from butt to head, and they have DOUBLED in size since just a week ago, if you can believe it!

The big news this week (other than doubling their size) is that hands and feet are starting to emerge from the arm and leg buds, although they look more like paddles than real hands and feet right now.  The babies both have tails (ewww, remember that scene with Jason Alexander from “Shallow Hal”), which are actually just extensions of their tailbones.  The tails will disappear in a few weeks, but that will be the only thing getting smaller!

Their eyelids and tips of their little noses are starting to form, and both hemispheres of the brain are beginning to develop!  Perhaps the coolest thing that’s going on right now is that parts of their intestines are bulging into their umbilical cords, which will help to carry oxygen and nutrients to and from their little bodies.  Awwww!

Jeff and I are slowly getting used to the fact that not only are we finally pregnant, but that there are TWO BABIES IN THERE.  The thing I have noticed the most is that Jeff is really, really protective of me.  He doesn’t want me cleaning if the cleaning agents I’m using have a harsh smell (probably a good idea), and he tells me to sit down and relax if I look the tiniest bit tired.  Last night, we went to dinner with Marty, LeAnn, and Ash, and some other friends, and he was so cute talking about our pregnancy and how excited we are that this is happening.  After dinner, some other friends wanted to meet us out at our favorite hangout, but I was much too tired to even think about going out at 10:30 at night, so he went without me.  He must have asked me five or six times if I was okay with him going out without me, asking me if I will be okay, etc…I told him to get it out of his system, because come next April, we won’t have much free time at all!  LOL!



4 Responses to “7 Weeks today!”

  1. alexis said

    7 Weeks! We are officially 8 weeks today…we’re exactly 1 week apart. I hope you’re feeling good and the m/s is at bay. Me? Watermelon and pineapple pizza helps. 😉

  2. Stacy said

    I am just now catching up on all of your fantastic news- Congrats on Bo & Go! How exciting! Also, I am so glad you are okay and nothing serious happend in the car accident.

  3. Tarah said

    Sounds like pregnancy is looking good on you. Sorry to hear that you’re so tired, but you got 2 beans cookin’ in there!

    You’ve been tagged, so see my blog for details.


  4. Angelika said

    Gosh – how I am supposed to decide who I am going to hold first? Bo or Go? I know – I will just hold them both together! 🙂

    CONGRATS again Kerry – really – that hardly seems like enough.

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