Well that sucks.

September 6, 2008

Hmmmmm.  A pair of (my favorite) jeans that I just wore 5 days ago wouldn’t even come past my hips tonight.  Thanks to my buddy, Liz, for giving me some maternity jeans that will be extremely helpful until my mom comes to the big city to come maternity clothes shopping with me!

Damn.  I’m 7 weeks tomorrow, and I’m already growing out of my “skinny” jeans.  Is it weird that I’m sad and kind of excited at the same time?  =)

I wonder how my cycle buddy is doing…her and her husband found out on Thursday that they are having TWINS, too!!!!!  Isn’t that fantastic?!?!?!  I have a feeling that a shopping date is in order very soon…



7 Responses to “Well that sucks.”

  1. Sara from Spark said

    Kerry! I am so happy for you guys! 2 babies…that would make me say holy shit too. A lot. 🙂 Congratulations!!!

  2. jacqueblittle said

    It kinda stinks to have to start wearing Maternity clothes but then when you put them on….Ahh so comfy, no tight waist bands, FAB really. Go get some maternity clothes (target). Run dont walk, you will be glad you did. Congrats to you again and again. I am so excited for you and Jeff.

  3. shawnandlarissa said

    I would say that’s a good excuse to go shopping!

  4. alexis said

    LOL. aahhh..Skinny jeans….do you at least have a photo of you in them? 😉

  5. Lanie & Shane said

    Hey buddy! I went out to dinner with the fam tonight – in stretchy black maternity pants. Aaaggh. So much more comfortable for the tiny, little bit I actually ate. We’ve been telling Sugar and Spice about Bo & Go. Love that your mom posted on our blog. : )

  6. Molly said

    You know I’ll *always* go maternity shopping with you!! 🙂

  7. Brenda said

    You’re growing two babies – of course they’re going to need some extra room. 🙂 Just think of it as a great excuse to go shopping!

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