September 5, 2008

Holy shit.

To be continued…



26 Responses to “BOGO!!!!!!!”

  1. Chrissy said

    Congrats on your healthy little ones!!! I am so freakin’ excited for you!!!

  2. lanielove1 said

    AAaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh! I knew it!!!! I’m SO thrilled for you guys!!!!

  3. Angie said

    YAY!!! I am crying for you guys right now!!! What awesome news.

  4. Sarah said

    Yaaaaaahoooooooooo!!!!!!! Your little twinkies are SO going to be BFFs with Lanie’s!!!!

  5. Kiane said

    YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited and happy for you guys!!!!!

  6. Lisa said

    Hooray!! Enjoy celebrating you two! I’m so excited for you. 🙂

  7. Amanda said

    Oh my gosh! My eyes are filled with tears of joy!!!!! Yippeeee! Enjoy your celebration!

  8. Molly said

    OMG the tears are flowing right now. I’m so so so happy. SO happy!

  9. kresha said


  10. ehiwv said

    awesome x 2.

  11. Lisa said

    Congrats x2!!! I am SoOoo happy for both of you!

  12. Ann said

    Welcome to my world, buddy!

  13. Ann said

    Oh yes, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  14. RObin said

    That is sooooo wonderful. I am so excited for you both!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Stacey said

    AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh my gosh. Congratulations. So happy for you two. How exciting!!!

  16. alexis said

    YES! Twin Buddy! congrats! Now…you can tell me when it sinks in for you! lol

  17. DeAnna said


  18. Erica said

    Holy sh!t!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you guys!

  19. Sara said

    YAY!!! Congrats!!

  20. Megan said

    WOW!!! So awesome!! I am so excited for you all! Congratulations!!!

  21. Cathy said

    Yay! I love BOGO deals, and this is the best!

  22. jacqueblittle said

    Yippee, I am so excited for you… OMG!!! OMG!!

  23. Dad said

    Hey! They look just like me!

    I guess I’d better be on the lookout for a couple of “SpongeBob” fishing outfits.

    Love, Dad

  24. Noell said

    OMG!!! I am so happy for you two! Wow! Congratulations times 2!!

  25. Tarah said

    Kerry – isn’t it beautiful? Love at first sight and what a wonderful feeling to know you have 2 beautiful babies in there.

  26. militarywifealways said


    Yeah, I am so happy for you guys :0) And I am so happy your ok from the car accident.

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