Ramblings from the underbelly

September 4, 2008

I thought “pregnancy brain” was supposed to happen in the second trimester, not the first…and if so, why the hell am I having trouble forming coherent thoughts (let alone coherent sentences)?!?!?

A few ramblings from the last few days…

Our anniversary was really nice.  Jeff is, as you all know, the sweetest guy EVER.  We were NOT supposed to give each other gifts for our anniversary this year, but the guy never listens!  He bought me the sweetest gift – a photo album with the word “family” on the front of it, and the photo on the front was our two little embryos!  He gave me the album in this big wooden box, because wood is the “traditional” fifth year wedding gift, and he is VERY old-fashioned in that sense (getting me a traditional gift every year since we got married).  He was pretty ticked that he went to several stores, and couldn’t find a wooden photo album ANYWHERE – he found tons of wood picture frames, but no albums, so he had to buy the fancy box to give me the gift in.  All together now – “awwwwwwwww“.

We went to dinner at this amazing restaurant in Castle Pines on Friday night, La Dolce Vita.  It’s this big, yet intimate (does that makes sense?), Italian place, and it was GOOD.  We had a really good server, which always makes me happy, and the food was to die for!  We had a calamari appetizer (it actually wasn’t the best I’d ever had – it kind of tasted like it was deep-fried in old oil or something), and then I had a cup of seafood bisque and Jeff had a Caesar salad.  For our entrees, Jeff had the Veal La  Dolce Vita, which was veal topped with crabmeat, artichokes, asparagus, and a lemon cream sauce, served with mashed potatoes.  YUM.  It was seriously one of the best veal dishes I have ever had!  I had Scallops e Gamberetti, scallops and tiger shrimp sauteed with pine nuts, over a bed of fresh spinach and TONS of roasted garlic.  So.freaking.good, although the seafood risotto it was served with tasted a bit like soap to me (Jeff thinks it’s the pregnancy hormones, he really liked it).  We couldn’t agree on splitting a dessert, so I got creme brulee, and he got the Dulce de Leche cake and a cappucino.  DELISH!!!!!  I also admit to sneaking one tiny sip of Jeff’s red wine, and it was soooo good.  =)  If only I weren’t on “pelvic rest”, we could have made it a “perfect” night.  Oh well, in time…

Wyoming was really nice.  I did feel really bad though – I have been so tired, I feel like I slept through most of the time we were there.  We did manage to go on a nice long walk with the dogs, and that was really great, considering I haven’t exercised since the first time I was on bed rest from the egg retrieval.  My legs were burning the next day from going up and down the hills though – what a pansy!  My mom kept us full of good food and LOTS of cookies (she made me Snickerdoodles, my favorite cookie), and my dad kept us full of good steak and his famous chicken on the grill.  We sat outside and looked at stars one night for a good hour, and the night sky was so clear that I must have seen at least a dozen shooting stars.  The night air was so crisp and clean…it made me so happy that my parents live in such a beautiful place.  The trip was entirely too short (we wished we had taken one more day off work), and my mom only managed to sneak in a few baby things in our car for the ride home – two cute little onesies and some Snoopy overalls she picked up at a garage sale.  She is so cute and excited…I just can’t wait to make her and my dad grandparents!

Some more exciting news – we made the appointment to see our new OB (thanks for all of the recommendations, girls) for another ultrasound, and that appointment will be September 15th.  Can I tell you how damn ecstatic I am to be able to see our baby (or babies) twice in one week?!?!?  YAY!!!!  Then, we have another appointment with a nurse practitioner on September 25th, where we will meet with and talk to the nurse about all things baby-related.  After these two initial appointments, we will finally meet with the doctor (or one of the doctors, there are five women in the practice), and that’s what I’m most excited about!  We chose this particular practice because one of the OB’s specializes in couples who have dealt with infertility, and I feel like this will be so important since us infertiles are so much more worried, nervous, and neurotic than most other first-time mommies (or maybe not, who knows).

Okay, I think that’s it for now.

I’m feeling pretty good this afternoon after feeling like I was going to hurl pretty much all morning, so that’s good news!  I hope to be able to update the blog more often, provided I’m feeling up to snuff.

Edited to add – I had to change the paragraph above because I had said that our appointments were in August (not September)…d’oh!  Pregnancy brain!



2 Responses to “Ramblings from the underbelly”

  1. Noell said

    Sounds like you had a perfect anniversary and a wonderful and relaxing time in Wyoming!
    So…the u/s is on August 15th?! *wink, wink* Don’t worry you’ll get used to having “pregnancy brain” because it will quickly turn to “mommy brain” after the baby (or babies) come! LOL!

  2. Kristin said

    Pg brain seems to have hit ya, girl. August 15th is long behind us. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

    I’m glad you had a nice anniversary and weekend trip!

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