The Big Five Year Anniversary

August 29, 2008

So far today has been pretty uneventful.  Kerry worked a half day of work and I took the day off to run some errands.  Went to the DMV (FUN!!) and took the dogs to the groomer.  Neither Kerry nor I had had lunch when she got home so I went out to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries and got us some AWESOME take out burgers.  Kerry slept most of the rest of the afternoon which was fine by me, it gave me time to well…sleep too.  Not sure that this is what either of us would have wanted for our fifth anniversary under normal circumstances, but considering all we have been through it was exactly what we needed – a day of rest.  I’m sure we both would have wanted to go on some amazing getaway to a tropical destination, or even up to the mountains for the weekend but it just wasn’t in the cards, or the bank.

Tonight however, we are getting out of the house.  We are headed down to Castle Pines to La Dolce Vita.  Kerry got a very generous gift card for her 30th birthday that we have never used so we figured what better day than today (tonight).  Once we get to dinner we will both forget about what could have been, and both realize that there is not a vacation in the world that could replace this pregnancy.


5 Responses to “The Big Five Year Anniversary”

  1. Lanie & Shane said

    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

    We’ll be thinking about you guys having a wonderful anniversary dinner out – while we eat take out pizza (and I try to wake up from my own nap)!

  2. Congratulations guys!

    You guys are getting old… j/k! It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years. Enjoy the anniversary dinner… I hear that place is fantastic. We’ll be celebrating our own tonight (out for dinner like you) and wanted to let you guys know you’ve been in our thoughts.

    Grazie, amico! (Cheers, friends!)

  3. Tarah said

    Hope you guys had a wonderful anniversary. And as far as sleep…napping is always great!

  4. Tiffany and Rich said

    Happy Anniversary you two!!! We think you got the best anniversary gift ever. :o)

  5. Andrea said

    Hi there….you don’t me but I saw your blog link on Jenn and Rian’s blog (who is also only a friend of a friend…don’t worry I am not a blog stalker). Anyway, I have been reading your blog for the last 30 minutes and started crying because I am so happy for you both. You have told an amazing story and I am so excited that you have finally gotten your little tadpole. My husband, Jeff and I are 29 weeks pregnant and because of your story I am even more thankful for the little life we have been blessed with. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy….my prayers are with you.

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