Holy hormones, Batman!

August 26, 2008


I thought I was a hormonal mess on Clomid, on stim drugs, on the PIO shots, etc., but they all have NOTHING on these pregnancy hormones.  :::grinning because I can say I have pregnancy hormones:::

I have cried three times already today, and two of those times, crying wasn’t really warranted.

None of my jeans would zip up this morning.  I mean none of them – not even my “fat” jeans, which are two sizes bigger than the size 8’s I’ve been wearing up to this point (with a hair tie holding the button on, but still)!  It’s like that Baconator went straight to my gut – literally.  While I know that isn’t possible (or is it…that thing has 830 calories!!), I just cannot believe that I’m really this bloated this fast.  Holy hell, I’m scared to see what I’ll look like when I’m actually showing (more than bloat)!  But I am super duper excited for that as well, so don’t get me wrong.  =)  But when I couldn’t zip up even the loosest of my jeans, I totally burst into tears.

Then, I was getting hungry, so I decided to make my breakfast to eat on the way to work (I usually eat first thing when I get to work).  I toasted a mini bagel, heated up some turkey sausage, and got out some cheese.  YUM!  I threw my little breakfast sandwich together, and ran out the door (I was already a half hour late for work).  On the road, I ate one bite of the sandwich, and almost threw up.  I ended up opening my door at a stop light, and casually dropping the rest of my breakfast on the ground (the birds will thank me later), because the smell of the breakfast sausage was making me gag.  Not a good thing, since this has been my staple for a good three or four months now.  So, I cried again.  A little bit because I was hungry, and I little bit because I didn’t want to throw up on the way to work.  What a  baby, huh?

The third time I cried because I read a story on the SAIF (Success after infertility) board that absolutely broke my heart.  One of the girls had given birth to boy/girl twins at a little over 27 weeks, and her son passed away yesterday (he was a little over a week old).  Her daughter is still fighting, but isn’t out of the woods yet.  Can you imagine?  I mean, losing a child is one thing – but losing a child that you’ve worked SO HARD for to get is beyond my comprehension…

If you pray, will you please pray for this family?  If not, please send thoughts that they will be able to get through this tragedy as best they can.  Thanks (and sorry for the downer post).


6 Responses to “Holy hormones, Batman!”

  1. LeAnn said

    I finally had time to catch up on the blog- after the good news I figure I can’t miss THAT much. You conversation with your grandpa brought me to tears (and I can’t even blame hormones). Since the loss of my grandpa, I treasure the time Asher got to spend with him. It was so wonderful to see the two of them together. I am excited for you to have the same moments!! I am so happy for you guys and can’t wait to meet the little one (or two).

  2. Noell said

    My only advice to you…carry lots of Kleenex with you everywhere you go! 😉 I’m so happy you’re crying though (that sounds bad doesn’t it?)! Yay for being an emotional pregnant lady! Oh and lots of (((HUGS))) too, it never feels good to not fit in your fat pants but at least it’s because your pregnant and not just gaining weight. 🙂

  3. Lanie & Shane said

    Wow. These sad stories are everywhere today. Not good for pg hormones at all.

    I’m sending prayers her way.

  4. Beth M said

    Praying for that family….=(

  5. Andrea said

    I will definitely keep that family in my thoughts! I can’t imagine losing a child, at all.

    Also, a tip for you…I ended up keeping a plastic bag in my car in case I had an emergency on the road and couldn’t pull over. I never had to use it, but knowing it was there was a huge help in keeping me calm.

  6. Catherine J said

    Just go and buy maternity pants. You’ll need them so soon anyway, and the bloat from the IVF never dies. You’ll be so much happier. And more comfortable.

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