Maternity Clothes For Men

August 25, 2008

All this talk of maternity pants and shirts and tummy tubes got me thinking – why are there no maternity stores or clothes for men?  I am going to have sympathy cravings, which will lead to sympathy weight, which will lead to a sympathy stomach.  Maybe I could benefit from a tummy tube to cover some things up.  But no, there is nothing for men.  I can’t be the first to wonder, but I must be the first to admit it, which would lead me to believe that this is why there is no market.  Maybe I should start a company making this sort of product, call it “Daddy Duds” or some other clever name.  Of course I would have to give tummy tubes a new name, something a little more manly like “The Gut Gripper”. 

I am sure this company would fail miserably but maybe it would give a better look inside the tragedy that has become the lack of Maternity Clothes for Men.



5 Responses to “Maternity Clothes For Men”

  1. Tiffany said

    I think a nice tube would really be flattering with your new haircut….

  2. Jeff said

    I think it would go better with the Mohawk that prompted the new haircut!

  3. Beth M said

    LOL, I think Matt would have to agree with the need for some Maternity Clothes for Men….he ate WAAAAAY too many spoonbenders in my honor because of my late night cravings.

  4. Cary said

    This post just cracked me up. OWT say that if your spouse gains pound for pound with you that you are having a boy. Hmmm…will be interesting to see what happens!

  5. Jasmine said

    Thank you.Are you thinking that tops for men should have a extra bit of material like maternity clothes for women. It makes sense as my partner has to buy xlarge tshirts that fit his belly but always looks to big round the shoulders.He would much perfer to buy large,but then it can look like a crop top.Do you think it could work to design these kind of clothes will men go for it!

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