I should clarify re: OB’s

August 22, 2008

Somebody commented that it was funny or weird that I didn’t have an OB.  Ummmm yeah.  I have an OB – one I actually really like a lot.  But, I chose her based on a recommendation from a friend because I wanted an OB closer to work so it would be easier to schedule appointments and such.  I really liked the fact that she struggled with infertility, so she would be really patient and understanding with me.  But now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t really want to drive 40-50 minutes when I go into labor (hehehe, so cool) – that just makes absolutely no sense to me.  Does that make any sense to you women who have babies?  Because if it does, I would be willing to reconsider…


9 Responses to “I should clarify re: OB’s”

  1. Katie said

    I say if you REALLY like your OB and think that you two are really on the same page (which is how it sounds) you might consider keeping her. Yeah, the drive is long for labor, but 99% of women are not driving in as the baby is actually emerging 😉 If she’s been with you on this whole journey, it might be worth considering keeping her around.

  2. shawnandlarissa said

    I’m the one that commented, LOL. I don’t know the answer to that question but I would be considering the same thing if I were knocked up.

  3. Cathy said

    I was about 30 minutes from the hospital where I delivered. It could have been much much more during traffic. We were at I-25 and 104th and drove to 225 and Colfax (the midwives at UCH) I didn’t really care. The only impact it had on delivery was that we went in a little earlier than we might have to make sure we beat rush hour. The appointments aren’t TOO often until the end. I just loved them so much, and I’m so glad I drove as far as I did. I really think I would have had a c-section if not for my midwife. So if you have someone you like and trust, I’d say stick with it.

  4. Kari said

    I didn’t want to drive far because you never know what can or could happen. I know first time mothers that deleivered in less than and hour after feeling contractions. It is all up to you. You are going to want to feel secure in your dr and the hospital you choose. I personally loved being at the same hospital that my dr is at. Jaime’s dr wasn’t in her hospital and she almost had the baby without him. Mine was there and only 5 min away from me the whole time. It made me feel better knowing that if something did go wrong that she was just a floor hop away. You can always go see a couple diiferent OB’s before you actually choose one. I think Jaime saw three different dr’s before choosing hers. Good luck!!

  5. Teresa said

    I also had an OB close to work and we had to drive about 30 minutes from home to get to the hospital. It wasn’t that big of a deal to make the drive when I was in labor. It was a lot easier for my prenatal visits to be close to work. If you like your OB I’d say stick with them.

  6. Beth M said

    I would also say to stick with the OB you like. I live about 30-40 mins away from the hospital I delivered at and even had to make a stop on the way and everything turned out fine.

  7. Felicia said

    A lot of OB’s and midwives will do consult appointments. So if you do that and don’t find one that you like as much (or better) than the first one, you could consider keeping the first one…

  8. Noell said

    I guess you could go both ways. If you really like your doc you could stay with her and just hope you aren’t one of the 1% of women that labor fast! Or you could change docs and hope that you jive with the next one as well as you did with your current one.

  9. Dawn said

    Our OB was about 1/2 hour away. Honestly – it kind of sucked when I was in labor. It made the 4 am trip to the hospital a bit more challenging (I was in pain, and stressed out that it was false labor, and worried that they’d send me back home). But, I love my OB, and love the hospital where I delivered, so it was worth it! And, the appointments throughout my pregnancy were much, much easier. And since I was going weekly at around 30 weeks, that was a huge deal!

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