My hair

August 17, 2008

Since a few people have asked…here’s the new do (I posed like this so you can see the color, and not my horrible IVF acne)!

You like?



7 Responses to “My hair”

  1. ischwab said

    That is the worst “new do” picture ever. Post so we can see your damn hair lady!!

  2. Lanie & Shane said

    I saw it today – and its great!!! So is your skin, you big dork!

  3. Megan said

    Need better picture. I will only compliment you then.

    Just kidding! The color looks great!! 😉

  4. Noell said

    Looks good but I want to see a “real” picture! 😉 Okay, I’m just gonna ask it here…where do you get your hair done?

  5. jkmastera said

    Jesus, people! =) I just look so lousy lately, but I will have Jeff take a real picture tonight when he gets home. :::sticking out tongue:::

    Noell, I get it done at Hot Heads Salon in Cherry Creek – Alex is my girl – she is THE BOMB. I just let her do her thing, and she always makes my hair look gorgeous! I can email you her # if you want me to (I emailed you already…), she’s pretty hard to get into, so I book a few weeks in advance.

  6. Beth M said

    Um, you don’t look lousy at all!! You are super cute and are going to make the super cutest pregnant girl ever!

    I meant to tell you how much I loved the color today, and I never did it, I’m an airhead.

  7. Jaime said

    Love it!

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