How could I forget this?

August 17, 2008

Jeff and I got a gift from L & S after breakfast today…

Most of you don’t know this, but I had a childhood toy that I carried EVERYWHERE with me for the first few years of my life.  He went through multiple “surgeries” where an eye would have to be glued back on, or a part of his back would have to be stitched up.  He was pooped on, peed on, thrown up on, and thrown in the wash more times than a stuffed animal should ever be.  And I still have him. 

When it started to become a reality that we might actually have a baby someday, I started thinking about how we would decorate the baby’s room (the room that I recently painted a tropical, ocean blue and bought brand new bedding for).  The one thing that came to mind was Snoopy, because I took such comfort in my “baby” Snoopy when I was little.  Anyway, the gift from L & S was a porcelin Snoopy figurine that is carrying a present with the April birthstone on the top of it (April is when our little one/s would be due).  I nearly cried when I saw this, it was so thoughtful…

How cute is that?!?!?!?  Awwwww! 

p.s. – I have NO IDEA how to get those annoying blue lines away from these pictures, nor do I have the energy to devote to spending time to get rid of them – so sorry, they are a little annoying!



5 Responses to “How could I forget this?”

  1. Stacy said

    You and Jeff are surrounded by such good friends and good vibes! I can’t wait to hear all about your BFP!!!

  2. Cathy said

    Why would you poop on Snoopy? That’s just mean. I LOVE the idea of a Snoopy nursery, and that gift will be perfect. CUTE! Hey, maybe if turns out you’re having twins (I’m just taking the PG as a given–think positive!), you could do Snoopy and Woodstock!

  3. shawnandlarissa said

    What a lovely gift! I can feel the excitement in the air. I can’t wait until you have some beta results!

  4. Tara said

    But…but…but…that’s MY room!!!!! 🙂

    Just kidding. Sorta. I guess I can share. That’s a very sweet gift!

  5. Deanne said

    How cute! I lurves me some Snoopy. He just gives warm fuzzies all around. I really like your hair! I went darker too and I like it. It brings out the blue eyes, ya? Good luck tomorrow Kerry and Jeff, I have high hopes and lots of prayers coming your way.

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