I think I figured it out

August 16, 2008

I think I figured out why I’ve been feeling like such ass lately.  This whole not having an appetite thing is killing me.  I need to eat.  My body needs calories, and as Jeff says, “our embies need food, honey”.  He’s so cute.  He reminded me that even if I’m not hungry, I need to eat something every few hours.  If not for anything else, then to keep my energy levels up (I’ve had like, ZERO motivation to do much of anything the last few days)!

I woke up this morning (after going back to bed after the stupid PIO shot) to go get my hair done, and man – I really didn’t think I was going to make it to the salon.  I about either puked or passed out several times before walking out the door.  I seriously would have cancelled my appointment, but my stylist (and friend) will be in Thailand for 3 weeks, and I could not wait that long!  I ate a small slice of cheese right before we left (Jeff was going to drive me since I wasn’t feeling well), and I almost instantly started feeling better.  When I was waiting for my color to process (I went DARK – yay!), I felt a little sick again, so I ate a granola bar, and again – felt better in just a matter of minutes.  I’m glad I didn’t cancel my appointment, because my hair looks GORGEOUS – I love it!!!!  I missed having darker hair, and although Jeff doesn’t like it darker as much as he likes it blonde, he thought it looked really good (maybe he was just saying that, but who cares?).

I’ve gotten so many emails, phone calls, and text messages telling me what a “great sign” it is that I’m feeling this way, and although I’m trying not to get my hopes up quite yet, it’s really hard.  I told my stylist today that I would be really, really surprised if I weren’t pregnant, just because I have NEVER felt like this before (with any of the IUI’s we’ve done before).  Now I’m kind of teetering on maybe finding out what our first beta (where they test for pregnancy) results are tomorrow…so talk me off the ledge!  Ah, who am I kidding – every single person who posts here will tell me to find out (MOM), but Jeff and I have discussed it, and we both think we should wait until Wednesday.  See, they will draw my blood tomorrow, and they will be looking for a good, strong number that says I’m pregnant.  But – by Wednesday, they want that level to (more than) double so that this is a good, strong pregnancy, and not something like a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage.  Don’t call me negative, I’m just being realistic here, okay?

Technically, we could find out if we’re pregnant tomorrow, which totally blows my freakin’ mind.  But, do we find out tomorrow, or do we wait until Wednesday until we know FOR SURE?  My cycle buddy, and friend, L, and her hubby are finding out tomorrow, which isn’t surprising since the girl has been peeing on a stick since the middle of this week.  I’m thinking maybe I will let her find out tomorrow, and bask in the glory of a great beta number for a few days before we (hopefully) announce the good news to everyone…but who knows.  Part of me really, really wants to find out tomorrow…



6 Responses to “I think I figured it out”

  1. Beth M said

    Um….I need pictures of the cute haircut and color. And…. IDK, I would totally be DYING to find out, but I can see the good in waiting.
    Whatever you decide, Matt and I will be here and so ready to celebrate your fantastic news with you!!!!!!!

  2. Noell said

    You are so right that eating helps…but it’s so hard to feel like eating when you feel like crap, it’s a vicious cycle! Oh wow…I would be dying to find out beta #’s asap! I can see how you might want to wait but I can’t imagine how bad it would kill you to know!
    Okay, now we need a pic of your new ‘do! I’m dying to see what it looks like! (side note: when you get a chance I have a private question…e-mail me).

  3. Porche said

    FWIW, I wouldn’t find out tomorrow. I like to know things for certain. I like surprises sometimes, but not on the really big things in life. You’ve waited 3 years. A couple more days won’t hurt. To know 100% on Wednesday will be awesome. (By advocating waiting, I in no way believe that you’ll get anything aside from a BFP. It’s just what I’d do if I were in your shoes.)

  4. Stacy said

    Isn’t is great how a new color (that you are happy with!) makes you feel?I will be checking the boards and your blog non-stop this week! Grow embies, grow!!!

  5. Katie said

    I’d wait too. I’m always for betting on the sure thing. After as long as you two have waited, 3 more days is nothing!

  6. Tara said

    Wait, wait, wait! It will be hard, but do it. 🙂

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