I’m scared.

August 15, 2008

I had to leave work early today.

Today was the weirdest day.  I woke up feeling like complete crap.  I had to lay down several times while getting ready because I kept getting too hot and light-headed (it’s usually about 72 degrees in our house).  After standing in front of the mirror, crying, because I couldn’t fit into any of my jeans this morning (because of the bloat), I finally got ready (thanks to a strategically placed hair tie holding my jeans up), and headed to work.  When I got to work, all of a sudden I felt better (weird), and I was HUNGRY.  Really hungry.  Went down to the cafeteria with one of my friends, and EVERYTHING that is bad for me looked good – biscuits and gravy, pancakes, sausage and bacon, EVERYTHING.  The fruit bar, or anything related to it (ie – healthy stuff), did NOT sound good, which is very strange for me since I normally eat pretty healthy (reading into things much?).

Anyway, I ordered a bacon, spinach, onion, and mushroom omelet.  They were out of mushrooms.  Oh well, I tried being more healthy.  =)  I ate THE ENTIRE THING, which is seriously the most food I’ve eaten in one sitting since Monday.  I was so happy to finally be feeling better, and moreover, to have my appetite back (I missed it)!  Well, that feeling didn’t last long…about an hour after I ate it, I started feeling really, really sick again.  Like I was going to hurl.  And this feeling lasted pretty much all day long, until I finally gave in and left work an hour and 20 minutes before my shift ended.  My group is so great, they actually were begging me to go home since I looked so horrible.  Sorry guys!

On the way home, something scary happened.  I had this crazy intense cramping in my lower abdomen, and it lasted for about 10-15 seconds.  If I hadn’t been driving, I would have been doubled over in pain (even more than I was) .  My friend, who I carpool with, was a little freaked out by this, and thought I should call my doctor.  I promised to call if it happened again, but it didn’t (thank GOD).  I got home, put my comfies on, and layed on the couch with a heating pad first on my sore bum (I’m finally starting to bruise from these PIO shots), and then on my tummy.  Then, I fell asleep – for about three hours.  I’m still waking up, and I still feel like total crap.  I don’t feel like I’m going to hurl anymore, but I have ZERO appetite again, and I haven’t eaten in a single thing in almost 12 hours.

If pregnancy is anything like this, (for the first time) I will admit that I’m a little scared…



10 Responses to “I’m scared.”

  1. Lanie & Shane said

    I have a good feeling, buddy. I have been starving for days. Today at work, I lost ALL appetite. By 7 pm, I was finally hungry again. I’ve had little sharp pains here and there for the last couple of days too.

    Hang in there girl. We’ll know soon enough.

  2. Tara said

    Wait…you have a cafeteria at work?!?!?! 🙂

    I’m sorry about your day! You’re almost to finding out that it is ALL going to be worth it!!!!

  3. shawnandlarissa said

    I’m sorry you’re feeling crappy

  4. Noell said

    Is it bad that I want to cheer for you feeling like crap? I think this is a really good sign! I’m sorry you have to go through it though…but it’ll be so worth it in 9 months!!

  5. amanda said

    I’m sorry you had such a rough day! I’m thinking of you!

  6. Kim said

    Sorry you’re not feeling so well but I’m hoping it’s a good sign. Take care!

  7. Porche said

    I’m totally with Noell. Big hugs. Relax and cuddle with Jeff and the pups this gray weekend.

  8. Angel said

    Sorry you have been feeling so crappy. You are handling it like a champ. Just take it easy on yourself. I can’t wait until one day you would kill for a day in bed because you have to run around after a toddler and haven’t slept in years.
    Alan says. “Hang in there.”
    Tonka and Penny say, “Woof Woof”

  9. Stacey (Cardsfan) said

    Hmmmm…that sounds promising!! Sorry you’re feeling crappy though, but hopefully it’s for a good reason!

  10. Angelika said

    Kerry – that sounds REALLY promising. I know we aren’t supposed to be reading things into symptoms, but that does sound a whole lot like what I went through. BIG GIANT HUGS and I think the proper Rx in this scenario is Rex and Freddie Angelika snuggles.

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