So *that’s* why I feel like crap!

August 14, 2008


So, I haven’t been feeling well at all this week.  I’ve been really sick to my stomach, and had this annoying, full feeling in my belly.  I’ve had no appetite, and I’ve been really, really winded, too (like not being able to walk to and from the bathroom without getting winded).  So, when I was getting my blood drawn this morning, I went upstairs to ask one of the IVF nurses a few questions about the way I’ve been feeling.  She told me that I likely feel the way I do because once they take your eggs out of you, your follicles fill up with fluid, and that gives you the “full” feeling and the nausea.  She told me that I could take some OTC allergy medication that would help to dry up the follicles so that they weren’t making me uncomfortable.  Great!  No problem.  I’ll pick some up on the way home!

That same nurse just called me to tell me the results of the progesterone test I had this morning.  She said, “no wonder you’re feeling like complete crap today!”  Ummm, okay.  Elaborate please.  She told me that at five days past transfer, they like to see your progesterone levels at anywhere between 20-100.  Mine was at 205.  Just a little bit of a difference! 

I was really hoping that she would be telling me that we could quit with the daily morning PIO (progesterone-in-oil) injections, but no such luck.  She did say that it was a great sign that my body is naturally producing progesterone, because that could mean that one (or both) of our embryos implanted in my uterus!  She also said not to get my hopes up.  Yeah, I’ll work on that…



11 Responses to “So *that’s* why I feel like crap!”

  1. shawnandlarissa said

    Yeah right. Tell you that your body might be naturally producing progesterone because of a possible implantation followed by don’t get your hopes up? That’s a douzie of a mixed message.

    I hope you feel better. You must be going crazy!

  2. Beth M said

    Sending you feeling better vibes, or, that you’ll still feel the same but that it’s morning sickness instead. =) And yeah, jeez, um don’t get your hopes up….. (insert eye roll here)


  3. Tara said

    I’m sorry you don’t feel good. But I’m bouncing off the walls (while not getting my hopes up, of course) at your progesterone!

  4. ehiwv said

    whooohooo. it *has* to be a good sign.

  5. jacqueblittle said

    Just want you to know how amazing I think you and Jeff are. I have been a Nestie for quite awhile now, and been able to follow your road to having a baby(ies). You are an inspiration to me and I am sure many of us on the Nestie board. Thank you for sharing all of this, I pray everyday for you and Jeff. Your child (+) will be so very lucky to have you both as parents. Fingers and toes crossed, can hardly wait to hear to good news. Jacque

  6. Lanie & Shane said

    What a crapass statement about the possible implantation/no hopes up. Want me to kick her ass?

    Hope the Chlor-Trimeton helps!!!

  7. Megan said

    Sorry you are feeling so crappy, but I hope and pray that higher progesterone levels are a miracle! Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Porche said

    Well, shit. I got my hopes up just by reading the first part of your post. How the hell are you supposed to not get your hopes up? I’m sending all I’ve got to you, my friend!

  9. Andrea said

    The good news keeps coming! When do you go for your test?

  10. Robin said

    That sounds like really good news!!! I am sorry you aren’t feeling well though!

  11. Noell said

    Don’t get your hopes up?! Whatever! This is definitely a great sign in my book! I’m sorry you’re feeling gross (((HUGS)))

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